Supertrash Podcast: “Reign”

In this episode of Supertrash, Alyssa and Jen discuss the Supergirl midseason finale “Reign.”

There was a lot of good (Reign), and a lot of bad (Lames) going on in this episode. And boy, does Jen have a lot to say about the bad. We also discuss Mon-El and Imra’s relationship along with the impending storyline Alyssa never wants to happen: Alex adopting Ruby. So sit back and enjoy!

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Alyssa Berkowitz
Alyssa (TV Editor) likes long walks on the beach, Greek food, talking about television, watching a good sunset, and girls who wear glasses. Wait, this isn't a bio for OKCupid? Alyssa got her start recapping in college when her friends got tired of her constantly talking about TV and suggested she start a blog. The idea was if she wrote about TV she would talk about it less. Well her friends succeeded in one of their goals...she started writing about TV.

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