Supertrash Podcast: “Not Kansas”

Why hello there and welcome to the latest installment of Supertrash where Jen and Alyssa discuss this week’s episode of Supergirl “Not Kansas.”

Well, at least we thought we were watching Supergirl, but based on the story and how out of character everyone was acting, we are not entirely convinced. Alyssa and Jen try to talk through their feelings on this very rough episode which included Kara constantly complaining about how much of a burden growing up on earth was, the most simplistic and convoluted storyline addressing gun control, and finally, the laundry detergent commercial that was Mon-el confessing his love to Kara.

Listen to “‘Supergirl’ Episode 3.21: “Not Kansas”” on Spreaker.

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Alyssa Berkowitz
Alyssa Berkowitz
Alyssa (TV Editor) likes long walks on the beach, Greek food, talking about television, watching a good sunset, and girls who wear glasses. Wait, this isn't a bio for OKCupid? Alyssa got her start recapping in college when her friends got tired of her constantly talking about TV and suggested she start a blog. The idea was if she wrote about TV she would talk about it less. Well her friends succeeded in one of their goals...she started writing about TV.

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