Supertrash Cast Legends “Here I Go Again”

Hi Guys! Welcome back to Supertrash: Legends. This week Alyssa and Jen discuss the Groundhog/Hedgehog’s day episode of Legends of Tomorrow “Here I Go Again.”

What was there not to love about this episode (besides Nate and Amaya). We got to see Gideon/Zari flirting, Avalance flirting, Ray Palmer dressed like Freddie Mercury, and Mick Rory writing a romantic novel. This episode was like a gold mine of awesomeness!

Also, Alyssa is trying to start a campaign to get Legends to release at least an excerpt of Mick’s novel, so check her out on twitter to support the cause!

Listen to “‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Episode 3.11 “Here I Go Again”” on Spreaker.

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Alyssa Berkowitz
Alyssa Berkowitz
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