She-Hulk’s 175th Issue Introduces New Villain in Double-Sized Issue

Celebrated writer Rainbow Rowell has been having a thrilling run on She-Hulk. This April she’s kicking things up for the 175th issue!

Jennifer Walters has had her hands full lately. What, with reopening her law practice, kicking ass in court, beating up a pair of new villains, and even taking some time out to fuel a budding romance, there’s a lot to like about Jennifer Walter’s latest story run by writer Rainbow Rowell.

Come this April, with She-Hulk #12, Jenn’s steady-going superhero life is about to get shaken up even more by a new archnemesis called The Scoundrel! This new adversary is going to prove a match for She-Hulk and their showdown will have all the fans talking!

This double-sized issue reunites Rowell with artist Andrés Genolet, whose pairing can be remembered for their fantastic collaboration on the latest run of Runaways. This landmark issue is also bringing with it bonus stories.

“Every issue that I get to write She-Hulk is a delight — but I’m especially honored to escort her to her 175th issue,” Rowell said in a Marvel press release. “One of things we’ve focused on is building up Jen’s narrative support structure… Giving her friends, colleagues, a love interest and her very own antagonists. The Scoundrel is an adversary tailor-made for Jennifer Walters. A lot of things come easily for Jen. Nothing about the Scoundrel is easy.”

Check out Jen Bartel’s latest gorgeous cover below.

She-Hulk 175





On Sale 4/19

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