‘Shadowhunters’ Review: The Cup, The Kiss, The Bite

Season 1, Episode 7: “Major Arcana”
Air Date: February 23, 2016


There’s been a lot of build up in this season of Shadowhunters so far and finally some major events came to fruition as the Mortal Cup was found, certain individuals had their first kiss, and someone got into deadly trouble.

Here are all the big moments you need to know in this week’s episode:


Maureen and Simon Hooked Up

You read that right! In the equivalent of roid rage, Simon (with Camille’s blood flowing through him) ends up sleeping with Maureen after leaving Magnus’ loft and another heated argument with Jace. He mistakenly calls her Clary and things get super awkward super fast. Poor Maureen is feeling insecure enough as it is and Simon’s blunder doesn’t help. But the guy is going out of his mind with worry that he’s becoming a vampire because of the hallucinations, increased aggressiveness and the blood cravings so I get that he’s super confused about everything at the moment.


Captain Vargas Gets Killed

Luke’s boss Captain Vargas becomes the unfortunate victim of a shape-shifting demon at the precinct looking to find out why Clary and Jace are there. While the New York pack alpha is being investigated by internal affairs, the demon manages to kill and then impersonate Vargas in order to try and find out why Clary was so interested in Luke’s belongings. Her last words? “This job is going to be the death of me.” Yikes.


Izzy Breaks Up with Meliorn

Last week we caught a glimpse of Izzy sending out a message but we didn’t know to whom or what it said after her conversation with Robert. She confirms though that she’s ended her relationship with the Seelie after Alec gets back from Magnus’ place. Attempting to help restore her family’s honor, Izzy is trying to be the mature and responsible Shadowhunter that her parents want her to be. She’s opted to wear more conservative clothes and emulate a style that is closer to Maryse’s. Her biggest sacrifice was saying goodbye to Meliorn because of the pressures against Shadowhunter-Downworlder entanglements.


Clary Finally Gets The Mortal Cup

Clary and Jace at first go with Luke to the precinct, where the werewolf promises that he’ll get the tarot cards quietly. The two then attempt to get it on their own when Luke is held for questioning by internal affairs. Unfortunately their plan hits a snag when they discover that the alpha’s stuff was being held in the evidence room because of the investigation. Izzy and Alec then arrive as backup so that Jace and Clary could make another attempt at locating the cards. Alas, the plan succeeds and they are able to find it but Clary isn’t able to physically retrieve the cup from within the card until being chased by some Shax demons in the basement of the precinct.

Bonus: Clary’s improv session of distracting the police officers by slapping Jace and calling him a son of a b***.  His look of surprise was priceless.


Clace FINALLY Kiss

Clace fans can finally breathe a sigh of relief and as the duo shared their first kiss. It happened right in the middle of the Institute after Clary gets back with Alec in tow. Jace was barking orders to other Shadowhunters that they had to find the fiery redhead when she shows up and hugs him. In the basement, she had encountered the shape-shifting demon who was pretending to be Jace and killed it after she realized that it wasn’t actually the Shadowhunter. It was possibly a combination of adrenaline from demon slaying, finding the cup, and the relief that they were both ok that gave Clary the courage to just go for it and kiss him. It’s about time guys.


Simon Gets Bitten

Simon is not having a good day. His best friend is MIA, he slept with Maureen and made a terrible exit, his mom and sis are both freaked out and on top of that he thinks he’s turning into a vampire. Desperate, Mr. Lewis goes back to the Hotel Dumort looking for Raphael in hopes of figuring out what was going on with him. Instead he finds Camille who calmly explains that her blood in his system was the cause of all the weird things he was experiencing. Eventually it would dissipate and he would be his normal mundane self again. Simon is visibly relieved, but it’s short lived because this time Camille decides to go for the bite and the aftermath is not going to be pretty.


You can catch Shadowhunters on Freeform Tuesdays 9/8 Central.

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