SDCC 2020: Wynonna Earp Takes The Stairs

At SDCC 2020, showrunner Emily Andras ran through the ins-and-outs the much-anticipated Season 4. With a sneak peek of the premiere!

Last year, we officially announced Wynonna Earp’s soon-to-be return. Well, after a long wait, a lot of Earping, and a buttload of billboards, Wynonna Earp is finally back on SYFY!

In this panel, we join Katie Wilson from SYFYwire who hosts the panel, featuring showrunner Emily Andras alongside cast members Melanie Scrofano, Tim Rozon, Dominique Provost-Chalkley, Katherine Barrell, and Varun Saranga as they talk about the highly anticipated 4th season. The cast also show off their best impressions, challenge each other with a round of trivia, and share a sneak peek of the Season 4 premiere!


Wynonna Earp Season 4 Panel SDCC 2020

At the panel, Katie began with introductions to the cast and showrunner Emily Andras. Then followed up with a quick abridged recap of the series, where we began to remember where the storyline and characters were in detail for a quick, but incredibly accurate recap. This included quick emotional rundowns of Melanie Scorfano filming actually pregnant, the ‘Murderize of Dolls’ which was revealed to be one of the toughest episodes to shoot, and of course last year’s finale: where an Angel, Vampire, Cop, and a scientist, along with Wynonna herself, all marched to purgatory to slay Bulshar. With the cliffhanger being of course: Waverly’s take back to the Garden.

Now, the Wynonna Earp cast addressed the fans with a dear thank you (especially, with the Billboards in Times Square). As Emily Andras promised more show and crazy situations, ecstatic about how beloved people love the series. Katie then opened the floor up to Earpers for questions on Twitter, which I’ve transcribed in short-form below.

Feeling on the set of Wynonna Earp?

Cast: agreed, mostly, home and family. Save Emily who said it was magic.

If There Was a Wynonna Earp Timecapsule when the show ends, what would you put in it?

The picture we took in the diner – Varun

Her positive pregnancy test. When rethinking about her answer, Wynonna would put Peacemaker. Melanie would O.G. boots and jacket and necklace. – Melanie

Doc would put his guns in the ground. Then grab the little piece of paper back. – Tim

Something from this season (can’t be revealed) – Katherine

Many agreed with Katherine’s answer. When Emily was given a choice, she suggested the Beau Smith original comic. Then the E-mail from SYFY agreeing to greenlight the show, even if they thought it was insane.

What Superlative Would Be in your character Yearbook?

Doc Holiday would be most likely to become a Dentist. – Tim

Waverly, most likely to succeed. – Dominique

I Think Nicole would be most likely to travel to every country. – Katherine

Wynonna, Most likely to piss you off. Take no shit. – Melanie

If The Team did an escape who’d be most excited and would they get out?

Definitely Waverly and Jeremy. But the others would likely let the two have at it. While the others would do something else. – Emily

It was then revealed there was an Earp themed escape room at the con by Emily. The goal would be to keep Waverly away from marrying Champ.

What would have been Nicole’s fate in the 6-episode arc had Kat and Dominique’s chemistry not been good?

Emily admitted that it wasn’t a 6-episode arc, it was no arc whatsoever. She just wanted to see if it worked. She did emphasize she never intended to kill off a gay character, but really, there wasn’t a plan that far in advance as it’s television.

Afterward, the cast began playing games answering questions about each other’s works. How did Melanie’s character Gina die in Saw VI (Shotgun on a carousel). The scene in Tim’s first concert (Whitesnake). What was Kat’s first directed school’s production (Wizard of Oz). Dominique’s least favorite chore (Taking the bins out). Varun’s two student films in college (‘Nerdman: The Jeremy Story’ and ‘Small Fry’). What Emily steals onset (Bananas).

Afterward, they played the wheel of Wynonna. Where different actors had to perform as that specific character talking about a randomly spun topic (Starts at 26:50. Hilarious. Do check it out). They also do a hilarious impersonation of Doc trying to pronounce the words, “Wynonna Earp”. The panel then ends with the sneak peek, set on a very particular stairway we’d seen last season. You can see the cast’s reactions live at the end.


Details About The Premiere

SYFY’s Wynonna Earp Season 4 premiere is Sunday, July 26th at 10 on SYFY. Allowing for a much more: MA rating. We here at TheWorkprint will be covering every episode, weekly. So be sure to check out new episodes on Sunday. With a special podcast planned here for the midseason finale.

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