SDCC 2020: The ‘Archer’ Season 11 Panel Talks Pandemic-life, Alcohol, and Special Guests

At SDCC 2020, The Cast and Executive Producer of Archer discussed Season 11, pandemic-life, and the official release date: September 16th at 10pm on FXX

After several long and meandering seasons of storylines (including bits in 1940s Los Angeles, 1930s South Pacific, and its most latest season set in space), Archer finally returns to its roots as a spy agency. Where Sterling Archer makes his dramatic return after a three-year coma.

“We are incredibly excited for our 11th season and look forward to Archer waking up from his coma and returning to a spy world that has continued without him for the past three years.” – Casey Willis

Excited to hear about the details, San Diego Comic-Con@Home held a panel with the voice cast of Archer minus H. Jon Benjamin. With  Aisha Tyler, Chris Parnell, Judy Greer, Amber Nash, and Lucky Yates, along with executive producer Casey Willis. When asked where H. Jon Benjamin was during the panel, it’s told he was somewhere out in the wilderness (Yes, I’m serious. Watch the video to see for yourself) Together, the group held a lively discussion about the new season. For a clean panel featuring different tidbits about Season 11.


Archer Season 11 Panel SDCC 2020

At the panel, we began with hilarious introductions by Casey Willis. Where Judy Greer’s video hilariously delayed in her cut-out celebrations, and Lucky Yates admitted to only getting drunk while under the influence of the cast. Soon after introductions, the gang immediately talked about fun drinking stories while at conventions. Their experiences at Dragon Con. Along with some of the epic Archer themed Cosplay they’ve encountered throughout the years. Most of the conversations devolved, though eventually got back on track by talking about Milton the toast making robot… who no, is not featured in season 11. Still, the cast then began pitching ideas about Milton the robot! Including a possible storyline where Milton pulls a Short Circuit and comes alive… Featuring ‘Steve Gluttonberg’.

Anyway, when finally back on track Casey revealed that the last two episodes for this season were recorded while under quarantine. Where Chris Parnell revealed that the work was more-or-less the same. Where everyone else recorded in the studio save for Judy Greer who recorded from home. Though there was a liquor store by studio Awesome Judy admittedly preferred to purchase toiler paper as it’s cheap and accessible. While pivoting onto pandemic-living topics, Judy and Aisha shared different things able to find in the grocery store, mostly the liquor purchases made. Thankfully, Amber Nash then revealed her dad had a makeshift bunker with supplies where she picked up toilet paper. Chris Parnell also shared he found local supplies at his nearby grocery store but jokingly refused to purchase anything outside of Amazon and the big corporation supply stores.

They then revealed that the show is still in production in Atlanta on the animation side. The animaters still diligently at work even right now. When asked about what’s exciting for the new season, Amber shared she’s interested in going back while Chris’s son Damian video bombed the panel. Chris then proceeded to breakdown Damian’s new classes he’ll be taking during the pandemic, while Aisha shared her aversion towards the need for showering in the Pandemic world. Something… a lot of people can share about pandemic (I know I’m guilty). It was revealed that Simon Pegg is going to be featured in the new season. Also, recurring guest star Jamie Lee Curtis will be featured this season. Thanks in great to Judy Greer, who’d connected with the actress over the last Halloween movie. Apparently, Jamie Lee Curtis is a huge fan of the show, as she’d watched every episode with her son.

The group then went to fan questions though, for the most part, it was more story sharing. Questions like if they’d ever dreamt about their characters (no). And if the Archer cast starred in a James Bond film what would it be (like Phrasing, Stink Finger, and a good day to Splooge). Also, when asked about least favorite catchphrases on the show, Aisha revealed she was tired of random people yelling: “LANA!” to her.

The panel then concluded by confirming the official release date: Wednesday, September 16th on FXX.

Christian Angeles
Christian Angeles
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