School’s Back in Session With the Release of Let’s School!

This lovely sim-management game drops July 27th

From PM Studios and Pathea Games comes this friendly low-poly sim-management indie game set to release, officially, on July 27th on Steam. Let’s School makes you the principal of what could potentially be the best school ever!

Steam’s Next Fest will allow players to start their educational empires now. With the free trial save able to carry over to the full game.

Ever wonder what it would be like to go back to your old school, now run down and in need of repairs, and build it back up better than ever? So did the makers of My Time at Portia and My Time at Sandrock, and the result is Let’s School! A game that let’s you return to your alma mater in order to restore it to former glory in the hopes of filling it with new minds to educate.

But what’s really great is that as principal you have the power to build the school into what you want it to be. Design the campus, start clubs, and make it a safe haven from any of the less than fantastic school experiences of yesteryear. Worried that your choices might be limited? Never fear – customization is key! Want unusual extracurriculars? Want students dressed like your favorite anime characters? Anything is possible in Let’s School.

Do you want to create the next Harvard or would you prefer a more laid back school spirit? It’s all up to you! From the kinds of courses to the rubrics applied, you can be the master of students’ behaviors. If academics matter there’s even a function that allows teachers to track down any wayward students.

As your school grows the campus can expand with it to include cafeterias, sports complexes, shops, not to mention “wonders”. Let’s School allows your imagination to run wild as you create the most original campus in this wacky and engaging indie game.

Check out Let’s School: Homeroom’s Steam page for more info.

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