Road Diner Simulator Takes a Unique Spin on Management Games – New Teaser Trailer Available Now

Ever Wanted to Start Your Own Diner?

The game Road Diner Simulator, published by DRAGO Entertainment, is a unique type of management simulator game set in the neon-lit world of a late-50s diner. Located on the iconic Route 66, players can transform this dilapidated dive into a bustling establishment that caters to different types of patrons, the likes of whom catered to, all come down to the player’s choices in design.

 “Road Diner Simulator captures a slick of Americana by providing entrepreneurs with a deeply immersive and detailed experience covering all aspects of running a business,” said Karol Sasorski, Marketing Manager at DRAGO Entertainment. “We can’t wait to see what kind of diners restauranteurs create and their impact on gas stations when Road Diner Simulator comes to Steam, Epic Games Store, and GOG!”

 With a wide selection of decor options, players can create an atmosphere that appeals to tourists, bikers, criminals, outcasts, or any other type of clientele they choose. There is also, a robust cooking system where players can create signature dishes, hire talented staff, and interact with customers to build rapport. By providing excellent dining experiences, players can raise money for future renovations and expand their business from a run-down dive to a must-visit attraction. But be careful, management decisions affect every aspect of the diner, from management to hiring to business growth.


Key features include:

  • Interact with a variety of NPCs to learn their unique stories, from traveling VIPs to locals and everyone in between
  • Balance management, hiring, and business growth decision affecting every aspect of the diner
  • Master multiple activities like cooking and cleaning with meaningful skill progression
  • Build your diner from scratch
  • Witness breathtaking visual effects and features, including Lumen and Nanite, made possible by Unreal Engine 5

Atop of this, one of the groundbreaking features of Road Diner Simulator is its connection to Drago Entertainment’s other game: Gas Station Simulator. As owning both games will provide cross-game support. Players who own Gas Station Simulator can witness both the diner and nearby gas stations evolving together in real-time, creating an interconnected dynasty of interstate commerce.

 This shared world feature adds a unique dimension to the gameplay, allowing players to see the impact of their decisions on both the diner and their respective gas stations, together.

Christian Angeles
Christian Angeles
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