The Big Squeeze Gives Magnum P.I. One More Dramatic Case

The Big Squeeze marks the end of Magnum P.I. A surprising case, a returning villain and some exciting moments in a cluttered and fun last episode.

Ashes to Ashes is an Emotional Episode of Magnum P.I.

The penultimate episode of Magnum P.I., Ashes to Ashes, features arson, misdirection, suicide and dark themes, but it works and features a heartfelt story.

The Curse Review: “Down and Dirty” Digs Beyond the Soil and Into the Bedrock

Lines are both drawn and crossed in this wild episode.

The Curse Review: “Self-Exclusion” Doesn’t Protect, Only Attacks

If only someone could put a stop to this monstrous makeover machine...

Isn’t It Romantic? ‘Quantum Leap’ Explores Relationships in “Nomad”

Quantum Leap is all about time, and keeping track of it in the show can lead to some head scratching. Just how long has...

‘Wonka’ Is a Delightfully Sweet Treat Perfect for the Holiday Season

It may surprise you, dear reader, that the person who decided to review Wonka isn't someone that suffers from a debilitating sweet tooth. Don't...

The Curse Review: In “The Fire Burns On” Rebirth is Defined by Scorching, Not Shedding

Shifts and shakeups abound when Ashley's shown her vision.

Extracurricular Activities Provides a Twisty Magnum P.I. Episode

If you caught trailers prior to tonight's Magnum P.I., you'd be forgiven for thinking "Extracurricular Activities" was another comedic episode. While there are definitely...

WITCHCRAFT! ‘Quantum Leap’ sends Ben further back than ever before

Rules are made to be broken, and in the case of Quantum Leap, the show has now thrown any pretense of staying within the leaper's...

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