Five Nights At Freddy’s Is a Faithful Adaptation of the Popular Horror Series

I'm one of those old people that still remembers Chuck E. Cheese from my childhood. Not well, mind you, but enough to remember the...

Upload Episode 3×4 Review: “Download Doctor” Remedies Some Problems, Ignores Others

Episode 4 of Upload titled "Download Doctor" further complicates things in good ways while sadly staying the same in other areas.

‘Slay The Princess’ Review: A Game That Exceeds All Narrative Expectations

You find yourself in the middle of a dark forest before a lone cabin. The Narrator grants the simple eponymous instruction: enter the cabin and slay the princess. If you don’t, the world ends. But the princess has other plans. She will do and say ANYTHING to free herself. Will you do as you’re told or hear her out? After all, she’s the one locked up. The Narrator’s the one telling you to murder her.

Upload Episode 3×3 Review: The Turkey Serves Itself in “CyberDiscountDay”

Sometimes people dazzle you with flash. Many times, it's just to cover up some real serious areas that need fixing. "CyberDiscountDay" is a PRIME example.

Loki and Sylvie go round and round in “1893”

Welcome to Chicago, IL. 1868 where Miss Minutes has a clandestine mission for Ms. Renslayer. Fans of classic sci-fi will appreciate the “Bootstrap Paradox”...

Night Has a Thousand Eyes Puts Magnum P.I. Season 5 Back on Track

It's not a surprise I've been struggling a bit with the back half of Season 5 of Magnum P.I. I still love the vibe...

Upload Episode 3×2 Review: “Strawberry” Tastes More Tart Than Piquant

The second episode of this third season of Prime Video's Upload leaves very little room for subtlety to mixed results.

Appetite for Danger Provides a Hearty Meal of Adventure For Magnum P.I.

Well folks, it's Wednesday, and you know what that means - another episode of Magnum P.I.! This week's episode is titled 'Appetite for Danger'...

Ben Chases UFOs and Processes Loss in ‘Quantum Leap’ Episode 203

Poor Ben. He's now on his third leap after he was supposed to go home, and it ain't easy trying to process everything that...

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