‘When Evil Lurks’ Review: Bleak and Brutal Film Revels in the Visceral Horror of Demonic Possession

When Evil Lurks gripped me far more tightly than Terrified, Argentinian writer-director Demián Rugna once again displaying his talent at crafting unnerving imagery but...

Upload Episode 3×7 Review: In “Upload Day”, the Only Display of Growth is Sadly in Ingrid’s Nose

With only one episode left of the third season of Upload, will "Upload Day" just be an Upload-Dud?

Loki asks what’s “Science/Fiction” when it comes to life?

As predicted, no one’s dead, but they’re not unaffected either. Loki’s time slipping is back – not sure why – and it’s taking him...

Upload Episode 3×6 Review: “Memory Crackers” Doesn’t Crumble Under the Pressure

Episode 3x6 titled "Memory Crackers" digs into a morally sludgy mind and mixes around some feelings of romance.

Upload Episode 3×5 Review: “Rescue Mission” Saves the Dreaded Mid-Season Slump

In episode 3x5 titled "Rescue Mission", my faith could be murkier than the Grey Zone, but it is not.

Something is rotten at the “Heart of the TVA”

Last week Miss Minutes (MM) confessed her real motives for helping Victor, Sylvie spared the Kang variant so he could potentially save the TVA,...

‘The Retrieval’ Is An Irritating Step Back for Magnum P.I.

After last week's great episode of Magnum P.I., I had high hopes for this week's episode, called "The Retrieval". Especially once I discovered that...

Five Nights At Freddy’s Is a Faithful Adaptation of the Popular Horror Series

I'm one of those old people that still remembers Chuck E. Cheese from my childhood. Not well, mind you, but enough to remember the...

Upload Episode 3×4 Review: “Download Doctor” Remedies Some Problems, Ignores Others

Episode 4 of Upload titled "Download Doctor" further complicates things in good ways while sadly staying the same in other areas.

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