Pronty, The Underwater Shooting Extravaganza, Sets a Nintendo Switch Release Date

Pronty is an Underwater Metroidvania of Critical Acclaim, soon available on Switch.

Released a few years ago but now soon to be available on the Switch, Pronty is a deep-sea Metroidvania action-adventure type of series where the player uses a ‘Bront’ (A Javelin Robot Weapon who’s also, your partner) to defeat a slew of enemies along a 2D plane. Now available on Switch, the series comes to Switch on March 7th, with an MSRP of $14.99/€14.99/£13.99 with a 10% discount on pre-orders until Monday, March 6 at 11:59 PM PT.

“Since the PC version of Pronty was released, we’ve received a constant stream of feedback from players asking for the game on consoles,” commented Ariel Pang, Joy Brick Inc., Overseas Business Division Manager. “We’re very grateful for the community’s support and are super excited to finally deliver Pronty on Nintendo Switch!”

The storyline is that in the future, humans have colonized the sea and have crafted hundred of underwater metropolises, essentially forming a new Atlantis. Now in danger from a mysterious threat, players can solve puzzles and discover the secrets of the deep in this fun little shooter. 

Full details here from their official press release:

Pronty, the aquatic metroidvania from developers 18Light Game Ltd., FunZone Games, Joy Brick Inc., and published by Happinetunder the Happinet Indie Collection, dives onto Nintendo Switch Tuesday, March 7, 2023. Be one of the first to dive into Pronty with a 10% pre-order discount available on the eShop starting today, Feb. 2 at 6:00 AM PT until Monday, March 6 at 11:59 PM PT.

Something fishy is going on in the kingdom of Royla! Horrifying sea creatures corrupted by toxic waste terrorize the country’s citizens. Guide Pronty and Bront, his robotic swordfish companion, as they embark on an epic adventure to restore peace to the once-thriving underwater utopia. 

Explore an interconnected modern Atlantis. Swim through expansive waters with “zero-gravity” movement, and clash with more than 40 ghastly sea monsters across 100+ levels. Execute long-range attacks and form an impenetrable defense around Pronty as Bront dashes across the map with one-of-a-kind underwater Javelin combat mechanics. 

There is always a bigger fish, and there’s always an optimal build for Pronty’s exotic encounters. Prioritize offense, defense, movement, or a combination of all three when unlocking special powers on Pronty’s Memory Board. Adapt to every deep-sea danger and switch moves at a moment’s notice with hot-swap abilities, enabling quick strategy changes on the fly. 

Every success sends Pronty and Bront further down into the unknown depths. Increase the pressure with multiple difficulty modes, and visit Neptune’s Hall in Boss Rush mode to put the duo’s skills and abilities to the ultimate test. The Nintendo Switch release will include the full version of Pronty plus DLC previously released on Steam. Bask in the ambiance of the sea with underwater sound design and epic electronica soundtrack, accompanied by an ever-increasingly mysterious atmosphere brought to life with a vibrant, polished line art style.

Christian Angeles
Christian Angeles
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