Pink Lemonade Squirts To Comic Stands

A refreshing Summer drink is here from Oni Press!

If you read comics these days, you’re probably already familiar with Oni Press. Not only are they an Eisner and Harvey award-winning publisher, but they also just happen to bring a lot of cool stories to comic stands. Today, a new one is available called Pink Lemonade.

Image Credit: Oni Press

Created by Nick Cagnetti, Pink Lemonade takes us back to a bygone era. Here’s what the story is about:

Mysterious past! Colorful costume! Altruistic outlook! Zippy motorcycle! And one very overactive imagination! Meet PINK LEMONADE—the new hero on the scene! She dreams of doing big things, but ultimately, she’ll settle for just helping where she can. But when Pink Lemonade accidentally crashes into the set of the next Rex Radical blockbuster, she’ll take an unexpected leap into the spotlight . . . and will soon find herself confronted by a series of increasingly threatening doppelgängers, extraterrestrial fanboys, and nefarious corporate machinations.

Inspired by the greats like Ditko and Kirby, Pink Lemonade is getting good praise already. This collection not only includes the original 6 issue series, but awesome pin-up covers by the likes of Jamie McKelvie (The Wicked + The Divine) and Shaky Kane (The Bulletproof Coffin), plus it also includes three chapters of a brand spanking new story.

So what are you waiting for? Check out the full cover below. And stay tuned to The Workprint for more comics worth reading.


“Terrific and original like crazy” — Michael Allred (MADMAN)

“Dreamy ‘bots, fun fandom examination and her bike is her best friend. Delirious insanity with danger lurking just around the corner.” — John Cassaday (PLANETARY)

“What an endearingly goofy heroine! I want to go to lunch with her!” —Trina Robbins (LAST GIRL STANDING)

“Pink Lemonade is a fun romp with visual nods to the coolest art books of yesteryear!” — Pop Mahn (RAVEN: DAUGHTER OF DARKNESS)

“Above all else, comic books are meant to be fun. PINK LEMONADE hits the mark from the start, and blasts through the entertainment strata with style I can’t help but believe would make King Jack proud.” — Dan Brereton (NOCTURNALS)

Josh Speer
Josh Speer
Josh Speer enjoys all sorts of things, but he grew up reading comic books. Stories of wonder and whimsy delight him, as do underdogs and anti-heroes. While admittedly a fan of many Marvel and DC characters (thwip thwip), of late he reads more independent comics. Big fan of Image, Dark Horse, IDW and lately even some Aftershock. Loves stories that are quirky, weird and which feature stunning artwork. Completely shocked that Marvel Netflix still exists on Disney+. Enjoys talking about comic books without getting lost in the minutiae, and focuses most on character relationships and development.

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