Swear Words, A Superpower? An Interview with Steve Urena on ‘Foul Mouth’

Who wouldn't want to turn F's into literal bombs in this silly superhero comic?

Did you know that fart is the oldest modern swear word? It comes from the early 12th century as a dirty term meant to represent flatulence, the act of letting gas out of one’s butt. What’s interesting about this, is that despite being the oldest swear word in history, fart’s purpose and permutation regarding its meaning has actually stayed rather consistent. Unlike Words like cunt, bumfilddle, and surprisingly at some point in time the word kind.

There is a power to the use of forbidden curse words. Something author Steve Urena has taken quite literally in his latest Kickstarter comic: ‘Foul Mouth’, which sees a fun what-if scenario regarding turning cursing words into… weapons of justice. We talked with Steve regarding the comic, the team, and his success with Kickstarter which you can read right here. You can also support Foul Mouth in getting funded by clicking the link.

So you’ve been Kickstarting comics for a little while now. Can you share what it feels like to have been creating comics these past few years? Where did your journey start and how’d you end up here?

I absolutely love it. I started my comic journey with Slow Pokes and now I’m on my fifth comic, Foul Mouth which is quite amazing. I took a class on comic writing just for fun with Comics Experience and wrote Slow Pokes during the duration of the course. It was well received in the class, so I decided to go for it and have it made. It surpassed any expectations I had and from then on, I vowed to take any money I make from comics and put it into the next projects. I’ve been so lucky to have people come back for each comic while building an audience.


What is Foul Mouth and why should I buy this comic?

After the divorce of her parents, teenager Faye Flik is adjusting to her new surroundings. A new city, a new home, and after accidentally getting possessed by a demon, new abilities that turn her curse words into the ultimate weapon against evil. The more creative her curse words are, the more animated it becomes on the page. It’s got comedy, it’s got heart and a FUCK ton of action. Who doesn’t want to see a superhero who gets her powers from cursing?


Alright, let’s rip the fucking band-aid off. Why, in Satan’s asshole, did you decide to make swear-words your bitch in terms of comics conception? Do you find power in this ri-DICK-ulous premise wherein you can get away with shit that the big deuce, or really, other mediums outside of indie comics can’t?

I had the idea on a walk during the pandemic. I was thinking about what I could write that big publishers can’t do and the idea of cursing came to me. As a big fan of Green Lantern and Venom, I thought a demon possessed superhero who gets her powers from cursing is something I would definitely read. If Foul Mouth calls someone a shit sandwich, the sandwich can appear and help her fight. It’s interesting visually and something that could make for a lot of fun.  Cursing is power. Like the question above, when you curse, people pay attention.


Favorite Mother Fuckin’ Swear Word?

SU: God Damn It is my go too but I do love to tell people to fuck off any chance I get.


In all seriousness, you’re doing some pretty amazing shit with Kickstarter. As someone looking into starting one very soon as well, can I ask you, what do you find that works as tiers of incentive? Has your marketing process changed since your earliest days?

Thank you! I always try to do tiers based on things I want to see. I love merch and extra add-ons so if the add-ons have things that are based around the premise of your story, then I think you have a winner. I always do shirts, behind-the-scenes podcasts, posters and this time around I’ve added bumper stickers to the mix. If you’re having fun with your kickstarter, everyone else will.


Full script or Marvel style?



Can you share your top 3 favorite writers? What about your top 3 favorite artists?

There’s so many to name, but I love Garth Ennis, Kevin Smith, and right now James Tynion. Artists I would say Lane Lloyd, Sarah Davidson, Juan Romera and Sergio Domench because I’m biased. I know that’s four, but they deserve the recognition.


If I had to open up a speech at the Eisners introducing yourself and your inevitable career in comics and what you’re hoping to be known for, would would I say at that point in time? 

I want to be known as a creator who shocked, surprised, and made fun comics. I want to be a great storyteller, but fun always comes first. If I’m excited about a project and want to tell everyone while making my parents embarrassed to talk about it, then I have a winner. I also want to be known for being positive someone who drives the medium forward by making crazy ideas come to life.


On Foul Mouth, tell me about your creative team. In particular, the poor soul that has to letter all these expletives?

Foul Mouth is drawn and colored by the extremely talented Sarah Davidson. She brought Foul Mouth to life with her amazing art style and ability to create fun comics. HdE helped the expletives fly with his lettering and together they brought this to life and it’s fucking excellent.


Who’d win in a fight? The Merc with a Mouth or Foul Mouth? How does the battle play out in your head and who comes out victorious?

Foul Mouth vaporizes Deadpool with a literal F-Bomb. End of story. Can’t heal and come back to life when you’re relegated to ash.


Finally, and it’s something I ask everyone I interview who do you think this comic is for? If there was one message or takeaway from someone reading this, what would you like it to be?

This comic is for anyone who wants to be heard. Doesn’t matter who you are, I think you’ll be able to relate to this comic. We’re all just trying to find our voice and our place in the world and Foul Mouth is a superhero who is proud of who she becomes even if it takes a while to figure it out.


Christian Angeles
Christian Angeles
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