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NYCC 2020 Metaverse: ‘Resident Alien’ is Set for January 2021 

The Resident Alien panel showed a sneak peek of the pilot episode and talked about what it was like to resume filming

Resident Alien is officially set to make its series debut in January. After over a year of delays in filming, the show’s finally putting on its finish touches and is expected to air January. Having showcased at NYCC last year, this year’s panel replayed the first ten minutes of the pilot with newly minted digital effects. The preview, being just as funny as the first time around but this time. Likewise, the special effects have been highly upgraded since the original pilot. With a more intriguing looking ‘Alien’.

Resident Alien is a comic book adaptation. The story about an Alien who comes to Earth on a diabolical mission, Resident Alien stars beloved actor and convention star, Alan Tudyk. He plays an alien forced to assume the role of doctor Harry Vanderspiegel while hiding away in a small Colorado town. It’s someone that Tudyk himself has taken pride in portraying. A person unfamiliar with walking. Whose human emotions he’s trying to understand. 


We Got to Interview Comic Creator Peter Hogan About His Comic Resident Alien Last Year

The production on the series had officially resumed, after having only initially shot one and a half episodes before the Covid shutdown. Yet in delays come blessings. As the break, led to a more character centered approach as each actor felt they had more time to prepare. 

Several cast members have agreed that Chris Sheridan, the series showrunner, greatly trusts the cast’s ideas. With everyone bringing something special to the table for a show with a dry tone to the Science Fiction hijinks that’s still somehow oddly grounded. It was also revealed that there would be guest stars who’ve had experiences with Aliens (as in working on alien productions… I hope). Linda Hamilton has likewise, confirmed to be guesting.


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