NYCC 2018: Five Thing we Learned from Marvel’s ‘Runaways’ Season 2 Premiere

Season 2 of Runaways might not return until December 21st, but the cast and creators of the series surprised NYCC 2018 con goers with a special screening of the premiere. The season begins right on the heels of where the inaugural season left off, with the teens on the run and trying to figure out how to live on their own.

Pride has a new evil headquarters

With their children on the run, Pride needs to set up a new evil headquarter. I mean how else can they keep track of their offspring who are dubbed as fugitives due to their parents accusing them of murder and kidnapping? Anywho, the digs that Pride picks is the swanky nonprofit poverty charity they run for those in need in LA. (But seriously as someone who has worked in their share of nonprofits… this is not what they normally look like.)

The teens experience the dark underbelly of the city they have lived in their whole lives

Speaking of those in need in LA, this is the world that our Runaways now live in. They are no longer in the safety net of the privileged life they grew up in. They are thrown into the real world with no money, no resources, and most importantly no support. They are forced to eat at soup kitchens (which incidentally are run by Prides charity work) and sleep beneath the underpasses of LA.

We are finally introduced to the Hostel

But alas, the days of living beneath underpasses do not last for long as the Runaways quite literally stumble upon a mansion hidden inside/beneath the hills of Los Angeles (LA folks, are hidden hill mansions a real thing?). Fans of the comic will immediately recognize these new digs as The Hostel, and though there may not be electricity or running water, it is still a place to call home.

Nico and Karolina are still going strong

You didn’t think I would have a post about the premiere of Runaways without mentioning how Rainbowbrite and the Wiccan are doing, did you? They are going strong, even if Alex is still wrapping his head around Karolina “stealing his girl.” (News flash… she was never his girl). Be prepared to see comforting back caresses, hugs, and possibly sweet lady kisses when Runaways returns.

Alex has a possible new love interest

Alex doesn’t seem to mope over Nico for too long because as soon as he meets Darius’s sister-in-law, pink hearts start popping out of his eyes and he is all like “Nico who?”

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