NXT – August 26, 2015: They Do Know It’s On The Same Network Right?

Date: August 26, 2015
Location: Barclays Center, New York City, New York
Commentators: Corey Graves, Rich Brennan

This is an interesting show as we have the matches that were taped prior to this past weekend’s Takeover special. I can’t imagine we’ll see anything that gives away show results aside from highlights for the sake of the live crowd, meaning this could be a different looking show. This episode is also ninety minutes long. Let’s get to it.

We open with a recap of Takeover, as you might expect.

Enzo Amore/Colin Cassady/Hype Bros vs. Scott Dawson/Dash Wilder/Chad Gable/Jason Jordan

Enzo and Cass are over with the live crowd to put it mildly. They keep it simple this week though and just call their opponents sawft. Mojo drives Dash into the corner to start and hands it off to Ryder for a quick clothesline. The fans want Enzo but have to settle for Ryder’s missile rope dropkick instead.

Now they get Enzo who does a little dance and punches Dawson in the face, setting up a big eight man staredown. Everything breaks down and the heels are sent to the floor for a HUGE dive from Enzo (with an assist from Cass) to take them down again. Back from a break with Jordan getting two on Enzo and the fans cheering for their diminutive hero. Gable bends the arm over the top rope before it’s back to Dash to keep Amore in trouble.

The villains take turns on the arm and Gable monkey flips him into the corner to prevent a hot tag. Now the fans want Cass and a tornado DDT almost gives them what they want but it’s Jordan breaking up the tag this time. Enzo sends him into the corner and NOW the hot tag brings in Cass. The big man comes in to clean house and it’s time for the parade of finishers, capped off by the Rocket Launcher to pin Gable at 13:12.

Rating: C. Totally fine eight man here as the whole point was to get Enzo and Cass out there to fire up the crowd. That’s the kind of act you always need to have on the card as they can set the pace for a show and keep everything hot. Enzo playing Ricky Morton is such a simple formula and it worked just fine here.

Regal hypes up the Dusty Classic when Neville comes in and asks for a spot in the field. The boss makes it happen.

After his title defense Saturday, Balor says he proved Japan wasn’t a fluke. The future is now.

Video on Emma.

Video on Becky Lynch.

Carmella vs. Eva Marie

Remember how much the fans liked Enzo and Cass? Reverse it here for Eva. The fans tell Eva that she can’t wrestle as she shoulders Carmella down, only to take a bad looking dropkick. Some running forearms stagger Carmella again and a backsplash gets two. We hit the seated arm crank and Eva mocks Cass’ chants. Carmella comes back with some Thesz presses but walks into a jawbreaker and the Kendrick gives Eva the pin at 4:12.

Rating: D. If Eva is supposed to be the next big thing in this division, they’re in trouble. She was adequate in there but it’s adequate in the Bellas’ fashion: if she has time and can think about every move she makes she can look passable, but if anything goes slightly wrong, it looks like her head would explode. Also good luck on getting the fans to not boo her out of the building every week. It’s forcing a peg into a hole in NXT and that’s not a good idea.

Quick look at Liger beating Breeze.

Breeze says he has a bigger idea for Regal.

Dana Brooke (with her very nasal voice) and Emma are ready.

More Takeover clips.

Video on Dana Brooke.

Bayley vs. Sasha Banks clips.

Bayley can barely speak after her match so her family comes in to hug her.

Regal puts Rhyno and Baron Corbin in the Dusty Classic against the Ascension next week.

Kevin Owens promised to break Cesaro at Summerslam and won’t talk about his loss.

Bull Dempsey vs. Elias Sampson

Dempsey has a new look, including a big robe which makes him look like Steve Williams in a way. Sampson on the other hand has a guitar and calls himself the drifter. Dempsey looks to have lost a few pounds. He headlocks Sampson down to a nice reaction but Elias punches him in the ribs to take over. A chinlock doesn’t get him very far though as Bull Hulks Up and slugs away. Bull’s top rope seated senton puts Sampson away at 4:34.

Rating: D+. This was little more than a way to showcase Bull’s new look and style and it worked more than well enough. Bull as a face is going to take some getting used to but at least the first match could have been worse. The finisher looks good if nothing else and you can’t have too many characters to throw out there if you need one someday.

Samoa Joe say the win over Corbin was just the beginning and now he wants the title.

Nia Jax is coming.

Apollo Crews loved the energy out there.

Blake, Murphy and Bliss say they were robbed, not beaten.  Bliss wants Blue Pants.

Video on Charlotte.

Charlotte vs. Becky Lynch vs. Emma vs. Dana Brooke

One fall to a finish. Emma and Brooke back into each other to start and are thrown to the floor, giving us Becky vs. Charlotte. It’s a double dropkick into a double nipup before Becky takes her down with an armbar. The villains come back in to break it up as this is going to be one of those tag matches disguised as a four way for most of the match. Charlotte gets knocked outside to keep up the double teaming, including a hard slam into the barricade as we take a break.

Back with Becky getting double teamed in the corner but Dana and Emma argue over who should get the cover. They actually don’t fight but instead go after a different opponent each. The peace lasts all of ten seconds though as both of them go after Charlotte, leading to a brawl. Dana yells at Emma but they shake hands, only to have Dana take Emma’s head off. Charlotte comes back in and chops away before DDTing Emma and Dana at the same time.

It’s Becky sneaking in with a missile dropkick though and it’s time to clean even more house. A series of suplexes get Becky two on Dana but Emma comes back with some Emma Sandwiches….for the pin on Becky at 12:38. That was a confusing ending as no one seemed ready for that to be the three. Even Emma looked up at the referee with a stunned look on her face.

Rating: C+. I liked the story here but the ending took so much out of this. Emma winning couldn’t have been the original plan, at least not like that. I was really digging the idea here as it was a glorified tag match with some little twists to keep things interesting. Well done here and it’s kind of good that Emma won to potentially move her up the card.

Charlotte and Becky put on their submissions to end the show.

Overall Rating: C-. There was no need for this to be half an hour longer than a usual episode. The only reason it lasted that long was because we saw a highlight of every single thing that happened on Saturday. If you’re watching NXT here, odds are you saw Saturday’s show, so why would I need to see them all again? The wrestling was fine on the other hand, especially considering it was just a collection of dark matches. Back to normal next week and I’m sure things will be fine.


Enzo Amore/Colin Cassady/Hype Bros b. Scott Dawson/Dash Wilder/Chad Gable/Jason Jordan – Rocket Launcher to Gable
Eva Marie b. Carmella – Kendrick
Bull Dempsey b. Elias Sampson – Top rope seated senton
Emma b. Dana Brooke, Charlotte and Becky Lynch – Emma Sandwich to Lynch

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