New Shang-Chi And The Ten Rings: Re-Launch on July 20th

Writer Gene Luen Yang and artist Marcus To relaunch their Shang-Chi saga this summer with a brand-new #1 refocused on the ten rings.

Despite being one of the best Marvel action movies of all time, Shang-Chi has always had a stigma behind its troublesome history regarding its brand, sourcing back to early depictions of Fu Manchu. As such, Marvel comics and comic creators Gene Luen Yang and Marcus To have worked hard at acknowledging the issue. At the behest of actor Simu Liu, and the actor’s recent refusal to sign any Master of Kung Fu comics due to its racist origins, the comic series will now be re-releasing their comics line. Cutting their run at #13 and debuting as Shang Chi and The Ten Rings #1 beginning on July 20th.

Since Yang began their run in 2020, so much has changed regarding Shang-Chi. This includes a revelatory origin and family backstory, a new Shang-Chi rogues’ gallery, and an overall bigger role in the Marvel Universe. With the incorporation of the ten rings, a power now revealed to rival that energy of the infinity gems, new villains seemed to have taken notice. Causing everyone from Hydra to the Hand to want a part of it in this ever-changing new Shang-Chi story.

The remaining issues continue this story of Shang-Chi fighting off every villain from taking the ten rings from him, as he learns more about their powerful origins and the deep responsibility needed to be its caretaker. The debut issue will also see Shang-Chi in a showdown with Razorfist, more trouble for the Five Weapons Society, and the first appearance of a new foe—RED CANNON!

“It’s been such a joy to work with Marcus To over the last couple of months.  He’s a brilliant artist.  His characters are vibrant and full of energy, and he’s so good at fight choreography!” Yang said during Marvel’s press release. “We’re all really excited about the new #1!  And about bringing in ten of the most powerful items ever into the Marvel Universe!”

“Gene and I are gearing up to give the fans one hell of an action-packed book,” To added. “Shang-Chi is the greatest hand-to-hand combatant in the Marvel Universe, and we’re gonna show it in this story.”

Christian Angeles
Christian Angeles
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