NYCC 2022: Neil Gaiman, Audible and DC Kick Off NYCC with Sandman Dream Portal

Make your NYCC extra special with the Sandman Dream Portal, courtesy of Neil Gaiman, Audible and DC.

Audible, DC and Neil Gaiman have just announced a couple of exciting things. Firstly, The Sandman: Act III is available right now for faithful listeners. But if you’re attending NYCC this weekend, you’ll be able to check out something a touch more immersive.

Sandman Dream Portal 1

On Saturday the 8th from 1 – 9PM and Sunday the 9th from 1 – 6 Sandman fans can experience The Sandman Dream Portal as an immersive experience. It will be open to the public for the weekend and takes place at the MediaPro Manhattan Studio.

Sandman Dream Portal 2

Included in this article are several images from the opening of the event, where Sandman scribe Neil Gaiman and Mason Alexander Park (AKA Desire) were in attendance. While I doubt they’ll be around with the NYCC hordes, the event looks really cool. Plus fans will listen to the voice of Gaiman himself welcome them to the experience!

Sandman Dream Portal 7

Like anything from the universe Gaiman created, it’s full of mischief, mystery and beautiful and horrible artistry. Be sure and check out the rest of the images below (courtesy of Monica Schipper and Getty Images). And if you’re at NYCC, you might want to check out The Sandman Dream Portal immersive experience! Or for the rest of us, you can listen to Act III on Audible.

Sandman Dream Portal 3

Sandman Dream Portal 5

Sandman Dream Portal 4

Sandman Dream Portal 6

Josh Speer
Josh Speer
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