Multiplayer Mode For New 2D Platformer ‘Mekazoo’ to Debut at PAX Prime

Mekazoo is a new 2D platformer from the developers at The Good Mood Creators set in stunning jungle landscape with 3D elements. It is set to release for PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Wii U sometime in the beginning of 2016. A new multiplayer game mode will debut at PAX Prime 2015, allowing users the option of local co-op gameplay.

In Mekazoo, the stylish mekanimals challenge levels in pairs as a tag team, seamlessly switching between each other at the touch of a button. In cooperative multiplayer, each player controls a single mekanimal, the inactive player controlling only the “switch” button to transform to their animal, creating dynamic moments of teamwork and cooperation.

Overcoming certain obstacles requires the ability specific to one character in the duo, so in order to advance through each level players must alternate between the two characters. Oftentimes players will need to quickly switch back and forth between both mekanimals to progress, making proper timing essential when tagging characters in and out.

Players control up to five different mekanimals: the speedy armadillo, acrobatic frog, springy wallaby, powerful panda and high-flying pelican.

Mekazoo opens with the armadillo’s discovery his four friends have been transformed into huge, angry bosses by the evil insectoid army. When a mekanimal boss is defeated, it returns to its original small friendly form and becomes a playable character ready to combine with the others for free-flowing speedy platform action.

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Jen Stayrook
Jen Stayrook
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