Microsoft Announces the Final Xbox and Xbox 360 Games for Backwards Compatibility

The final backward compatibility update for Xbox is upon us.

Announced during the Inside Xbox E3 stream, Microsoft announced after this week they have “no plans to add additional Original Xbox or Xbox 360 titles to the catalog on Xbox One.” Instead, the team will now focus on making “thousands of games from all four generations will be playable on Project Scarlett.”

Xbox Original Games being added to backward compatibility this week:

Additionally, the DLC packs for the original XBOX games listed above will be made available for free.

For Xbox 360 backward compatibility, the following games will be part of the last update:

Too Human will be made available for free to all players.

In addition to new games entering backward compatibility, a few games from the Rare Replay collection will receive Xbox One X Enhanced updates today.

Xbox One X Enhanced updates available now include:


Bilal Mian
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