Max Landis gives a sermon on ‘Wrestling’ (video)

Say what you will about writer Max Landis…no, I don’t have an end to this sentence.

Say what you will. I’ll wait.

I feel I need to get this out of the way because his name just gives people feels in the weirdest ways.

When you mention his name or hear it, depending on who you are, you’re thinking, “Landis…that name sounds familiar,” or “I know that guy…he did that great Death and Return of Superman vid a few years back.” Or if you’re the type of person who gets upset because Kanye interrupted Benjamin Netanyahu’s address to Congress and then, next week, you’ve forgotten all about your phony outrage and it’s all about who Taylor Swift slept with, you’re like, “Max Landis?! Fuck that guy because he hates women and boobs and vaginas and female orgasms because Jezebel said so a few years ago.”

Depending how you look at it, Max Landis is insanely cool and clever…or he’s a giant, sexist “bro” “douche” “mansplainer” (or what ever dismissive, post-modern Feminist terms are being used these days that make Feminist pioneers roll their eyes in disgust) because Jezebel questioned his audacity in asking why women, who claim they “enjoy sex don’t know anything about their own orgasms”. And Jezebel isn’t fucking insane. No really, they aren’t. Really. They’ve never been wrong. Ever. In the history of ever. Ever.

Fine. I’ll accept that Jezebel’s right about him because I’ve got this thing I gotta write and I don’t have time to talk about how Jezebel thinks that Kim Kardashian is, indeed, a human being and not just a selfish, shallow robot who gives a bad name to women everywhere.

Max Landis is a sexist pig. Let’s just move this train along.

Unless you consider that he casts women in most of the male roles in his videos. Just ignore that.

In any case, Landis (the screenwriter who brought you “Chronicle”) has given the world a new video: one that explains how pro-wrestling is the ultimate in sophisticated plot and character development — on par with “Game of Thrones” (though I wouldn’t go that far these days) — and that it’s being completely categorized incorrectly and, in the process, disrespected.

And he proves it by detailing the long career of one Triple H.

If you have about a half hour and you’ve had your fill of the newest Game of Thrones trailer, take a look. You might be enlightened — or offended.

In all seriousness, the video is well worth the time of any seasoned wrestling fan (such as myself) and any newbies who don’t really give it the time of day.

Matt Perri
Matt Perri
Matt Perri is one of those literary Ronin you’ve never heard of until he shows up and tells you he’s a literary Ronin. He’s a native Californian, a film buff, old school gamer geek, and a sports/entertainment fan. A lifelong Giants, 49ers and Sharks fan, he also covers the world of pro-wrestling, writing recaps for WWE Monday Night RAW and Total Divas at Scott’s Blog of Doom. You can follow the guy on Twitter via @PerriTheSmark as well as here at The Workprint and his own blog, Matt's Entertainment.

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