Matt Reeves’ The Batman Deleted Scene Suddenly Revealed

Apparently, The Joker had a much longer speaking role than any of us realized. 

The Batman has become the biggest Hollywood release in 2022. For weeks, the film has dominated the box office, raking in over six hundred million worldwide. Not only this, but Robert Pattinson’s role as the caped crusader has gone down as one of the most comically accurate depictions of Batman to date. In what many deem as an homage to all Batmen portrayals both past and present. There was, however, just one thing about the movie shrouded in mystery…

*Spoiler alert for The Batman incoming*


The Deleted Scene


The moment that has drawn a lot of ire in regards to popular opinion is of course the film’s mysterious ending. Because during The Batman’s end, after The Riddler is defeated and locked away at Arkham, audiences are greeted with a familiar cackle. A person with tousled hair whose cell sitting across the hall was all but confirmed to be The Joker played by Barry Keoghan.

For weeks, director Matt Reeves has claimed that there was a longer deleted scene where Batman visits the Joker to help on the Riddler Investigation. Well, that reveal of the Joker’s deleted scene is finally here as was updated by the director himself.

Everything about this moment feels reminiscent of the silence of the lambs. This makes sense given how much of this movie was inspired by The Long Halloween. However, whereas The Riddler took liberties in adapting parts of this along with the Hush storyline, one could say, moments with the Clown Prince of Crime here feel somewhat reminiscent of The Calender Man’s role in the comic. What this means, however, fans are not entirely certain. Because even though the Joker made a bigger appearance than realized, there are still no commitments as to what the next movie will be about.

What are your thoughts about the deleted scene? Feel free to comment below. 


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