Marvel Unlimited Unveils New Plus Member Kit

For its 10-year anniversary Marvel Unlimited Unveils new benefits for its Plus tier members including collectible figurine and variant comic.

Marvel Unlimited has unveiled a 2023 Marvel Unlimited Plus Member Kit with some rare goodies inside. Listed for your enjoyment below, the kit’s themes are a focus on limitless discovery, with some space-themed items such as a Rocket pin and even a limited edition Hasbro Marvel Legends figurine you won’t want to miss. Most importantly, the kit features some intriguing Loki-themed goodies just in time for the show’s debut this October 6th.

Here’s the complete rundown on this year’s cosmically cool kit:

Additionally, the following issues will have an accelerated release on Marvel Unlimited to coincide with the MU+ kit update:

  • LOKI (2023) #1 (print variant included in this year’s MU+ kit)
  • CAPTAIN MARVEL: DARK TEMPEST #1 (print variant included in this year’s MU+ kit)
  • INCREDIBLE HULK (2023) #1
  • BLACK PANTHER (2023) #1

If you’re not subscribed to it by now, Marvel’s digital comics subscription service hosts a library of 30,000 comics on its award-winning app and web service. This includes 800+ issues from the app-exclusive vertical Infinity Comics lineup, which are perfect for morning train commutes or quick reads on the run. It’s also a great method of catching up on Marvel’s most recent popular storylines. Personally, I’ve used it to read all of Jason Aaron’s runs on both Thor and Mighty Thor (Jane Foster’s Thor) and had done my thorough read-through of Frank Miller’s Daredevil: Born Again well in time before the upcoming Disney+ TV show.

With new issues dropped throughout the week, the Infinity Comics line offers something perfect-for-mobile reading, along countless entry points for those new to comics on the Marvel Unlimited app. If it’s not obvious by now, they are also perfect entry point not just into the storylines of modern Marvel comics, but are some of the best ways to spot upcoming talent throughout the company as well.

All of which makes this a pretty good deal. Especially, if you like both the company and collectibles.


Christian Angeles
Christian Angeles
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