Marvel Meow and Pizza Dog #1 Review

Kate Bishop, (AKA Best Hawkeye) is ready to help the Avengers! And that means… cat-sitting! Lots of cat-sitting!

There are very few things as a’meow’sing as the love of an adorable pet, and in this adventure, we see the beginnings of a dedicated four-part series. The adorable Marvel Meow series, starring a slew of Marvel superheroes’ cats, combines adventures with the best buddy to the Hawkeyes: Lucky, The Pizza Dog. All for a series of short vertical comics meant to ‘awwww’ and inspire.

In the first issue of the infinity comic, while going out for a cup of coffee together with their pets, The Avengers are called to assemble by the one and only, Captain America. This leaves Kate to sit out and sit after the three cantankerous cats including Carol Danvers’ Flerkin (Chewie), Bucky’s white tomcat (Alpine), Natasha Romanoff’s Black Bombay (Liho), and of course, Kate’s partner, the Golden Retriever, Lucky The Pizza Dog, to help sit after the cantankerous little furballs. 

It’s exhausting work, as you can see in our preview below. Though Kate and Lucky find fun ways to keep the cats entertained. A simple but fun story loaded with colorful art and a story by Jason Loo. Check it out for a fun short escape available every Friday, exclusive to the Marvel Unlimited App.



4-issue arc launches on Friday, March 24

Writer, Artist & Colorist: Jason Loo

Editor: Caitlin O’Connell


Christian Angeles
Christian Angeles
Christian Angeles is a screenwriter who likes sharing stories and getting to meet people. He also listens to words on the page via audible and tries to write in ways that make people feel things. All on a laptop. Sometimes from an app on his phone.

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