Marvel Announces ‘Captain Marvel’ Writers, Nicole Perlman and Meg LeFauve

Earlier today, Marvel announced Nicole Perlman and Meg LeFauve as the writers for its Phase 3 film, Captain Marvel. There’s been a lot of speculation around this movie, probably even too much for a movie that isn’t even due to release until the tail-end of 2018. I won’t deny that I’m responsible for 80% of the rumors, but hey, at least now we have something concrete for our favorite heroine, Carol Danvers.

Perlman is most recently known for her writing on last summer’s hit, Guardians of the Galaxy, where she is attributed with plucking the lesser known comic from a lineup of several Marvel series. LeFauve is recognized for her writing on the soon-to-be-released Pixar film, Inside Out. Both are relatively unknown writers, especially for such a large film, but as Marvel has proven before, it doesn’t shy away from smaller names for the sake of quality.

There is still no word on any of the casting news or even who may be tapped as director for Captain Marvel, but the writer announcement means (hopefully) more news will be coming soon. Here’s hoping Michelle MacLaren, who recently bowed out of DC’s Wonder Woman, will take up the helm.

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