‘Lost Girl’ Recap: ‘Big in Japan’

Lost Girl
Season 5, Episode 3: “Big in Japan″
Air date: May 1, 2015
Grade: B-

This week’s episode of Lost Girl ushers in a new phase in Bo’s life as she attempts to navigate her world post-Kenzi. First we see her trying out what any normal human would do with a big change happens, redecorate of course! The chosen one tries out a new shade of green with Dyson lending a helping hand (or two) but while he apparently is all for a no strings attached physical relationship, Bo suddenly gets super thirsty and leaves him in search of a beverage. Did she really just turn him down?

Lost Girl
Musashi, fae god of bad karaoke.

Meanwhile at The Dal, it’s karaoke night and a male Fae is performing a terrible rendition of “Ring My Bell” with his two female companions. When they finish their number, the man is nearly assassinated via poison but he is able to detect by freezing his drink.

After his rejection, Dyson goes to Lauren’s lab where they discuss the deaths of the people in an elevator crash (the same ones from the end of last week’s episode). There are some mighty strange things going on such as three of the bodies have no marks, bruises, or cuts whatsoever. Also while there is three identified human blood types, a fourth fae one is also found. Unfortunately Lauren is unable able to determine what kind it is. One of the bodies is revealed to be that of our mysterious candle-holding lady. Of course she’s got to be the fae but what exactly is she? On top of that Dyson discovers that Lauren’s been getting death threats because of her humanization of the Morrigan.

Bo and Tamsin are roomies now and the two ladies decide to go on a night out when they are propositioned by karaoke fae while buying some hotdogs. At first the succubus tells him to go away but in the spirit of yolo, she finally gives in and the threesome have a very alcohol fueled night. In the morning Bo wakes up with massive hangover and Tamsin next to her in bed. She attempts to heal herself by feeding on the valkyrie but is unable to yet again (but I’m sure morning breath did not help). Bo realizes that douchey karaoke fae is still there and he tells them that someone had attempted to kill him and that he them to be his bodyguards.

Lost Girl
Valkyries love em warriors.

Over dinner he reveals that he is Musashi, to which Tamsin geeks out because a valkyrie meeting one of history’s most famous warriors is akin to normal people meeting a rock star. Miyamoto Musashi was a legendary swordsman in feudal Japan who fought in many great battles. Tamsin explains to Bo after reading the scroll Musashi hands her that he is ascending soon to become king of his ancestors, basically a god and this could be the reason why someone ordered a hit.

Lauren in the meantime manages to spook herself out one late night at her lab and decides to ask Dyson to train her in self-defense. It’s kind of adorable to see book smart Lauren get fighting tips from the werewolf detective. While the doctor is flustered at Dyson’s aggressiveness and wants to give up, he coaxes her into really giving it a chance, saying that they’ll find something that works for her. He eventually has her practicing throwing ninja stars, which is fitting given this episode’s Japanese themed storyline.

Back to Mushashi (the soon to be god of douches) where an assassin attempts to take his life again but stops as soon as he notices a mark on the fae’s neck and realizes who he is. The ninja then commits seppuku (ritual suicide via disembowelment) to atone for trying to take out the exalted one. It’s weird though that Mushashi is just standing there doing nothing when he should have stopped the man so that they could at least find out who hired him. In the process Bo is injured and she tells Tamsin that she can’t heal the wound. That is a serious problem.

She goes to Lauren who stitches her up and attempts some sexual healing herself but it doesn’t work and Bo in frustration explains that she has no sex drive and that hasn’t happened to her since she was a kid basically. Looks like she’s going to have to endure the pain like normal folks.

Tamsin soon discovers that it was probably one of Musashi’s brothers who hired the kill in order to be the next in line to ascend. Motive = jealousy. Bo goes undercover as masseuse but is quickly found out after asking too many nosey quesitons. However, Musashi’s sister Tomoe knocks out her brother with a stone and Bo realizes that she is the one behind the assassin. Turns out that Tomoe only did it to scare Musashi into not ascending because he had lied about his victorious battle and that if he went through with it, he would become a monster instead.

The twosome proceed to dawn some masks of their own and crash Mushashi’s ascension ceremony. They are stopped by another ninja who turns out to be Tomoe. As the two siblings stare at each other, Musashi caves in and finally admits to their elders that people assumed that he had been the one to win the great battle and he just never corrected them. Thus Tomoe is declared the true exalted one and her brother relegated to serving tea at their family restaurant. However, he gets his revenge when he stabs Bo in the gut after she returns home and gives herself a Stuart Smalley pep talk.

She is somehow brought to Lauren’s lab where Dyson, Lauren, Trick, and Tamsin are all there worried for her. While everyone is coddling the succubus, Tamsin gives a much-needed dose of tough love and tells Bo that if she wants to give up then she should go ahead and die already. This finally gets Bo to admit that she’s terrified of losing all of them after having lost so many people in her life already and that she’s scared she’s going to end up alone. Everyone tells her that they aren’t going anywhere and just like that, her eyes turn blue and orders everyone to leave except Dyson. Oh yes Bo’s libido is back with a vengeance and we get a win for Team Dyson. Tamsin and Lauren share awkward but touching moment outside as the sounds of Bo and Dyson’s amorous lovemaking reverberate in the background.

Lost Girl
Bo’s about to serve some sass

Now fully healed, Bo goes to visit Musashi where is has been severely downgraded to waiter and janitor. How the mighty have fallen! He begs her to kill him but she isn’t letting him off the hook that easily. She gives him some advice that being a good leader means being honest and being what you need to be when you need to be it.

Back at the lab, a man puts a knife to Lauren’s assistant’s throat looking to get the special human inducing serum. The doctor puts her skills to use and calmly fills up a syringe with ketamine then lands a hit on the attacker’s neck, combining her science skills and her newly acquired self-defense ones. Nicely done Dr. Lewis. Lauren then meets up with the rest of the gang at Bo’s for movie night where she hints to Dyson that she used her gut to keep an incident under control. Before her arrival Dyson was also trying to convince Tamsin to quit the force and become Bo’s partner at a new detective agency she’s setting up. The valkyrie though is not quite convinced yet to take the plunge.

The group sits cozily on the couch where Bo manages to be physically connected with each of them, showing how they are all important to her despite their complicated lives. Come to think Bo’s kissed all of them, yep definitely complicated.

Much like last week’s ending, the episode closes with the woman from the elevator bursting out of the body drawer in Lauren’s lab. She encounters Lisa the assistant and shortly kills her afterwards. Dun dun dun…..

Now that Bo’s feeling more like herself again and has dealt with the grief of losing Kenzi, it’s going to be fun to see how her friendship with Tamsin grows and of course if anything more happens between her and Dyson (a girl can wish). Lastly, when are we going to meet her dad? He needs to be the main bad guy since this is the last season right? Here’s hoping that the show has something real good in store for his grand entrance because with all the build up from previous seasons, he’s got to be awesomely badass.


Lost Girl airs Fridays 10/9 central on Syfy.

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