‘Killjoys’ Review: We Say Goodbye to Old Town

In the penultimate episode of Killjoys season 5 Team Awesome Force tries to save Old Town.

Old Town is not doing so well these days with The Lady’s hatchlings more like full sized adults with big appetites. The fearsome female herself is at one of the factories with Khlyen overseeing final deliveries. He muses how the end is finally here as well as a new beginning. The former Qreshi noble asks The Lady about her promise to give him a galaxy but she declares that it was only a figure of speech. Since she will have a galaxy, he will have one too. A bemused Khlyen says that he didn’t take her remarks that way, but adds that his desires are on a much smaller scale. He just asks for one planet, Qresh. When she asks why he shrugs and states human sentiment towards his former home. She agrees to it on a conditional basis, that is as long as things work out in Westerley. If it doesn’t she will start all over in another system and will leave nothing behind, not even Qresh. He comments that she seems nervous, which would be perfectly understandable given she’s been planning this for centuries. Because The Lady makes a snide side comment about how if he loved Qresh so much why didn’t he marry it, I’m unsure if the emotions she feels towards him is of the fatherly kind or the romantic. However, it’s been incredibly interesting to watch her develop human emotions throughout the season and to struggle with it the longer she is in a body.

In the meantime, Johnny and Zeph bring in some welcome good news that instead of them having to target 200 factories, The Lady has shifted all work to the main Old Town plant to maximize output thus giving Team Awesome Force and their squad just one big location to target. The Killjoys head to the supermax where they are greeted by three fierce women, Rennicka, Delle Seyah, and Aneela. The Kin Rit sisters are reunited with Dutch explaining that they tried to get Aneela out but The Lady was freed instead and that’s when things got complicated. The Hullen says it’s alright however and what a touching moment this is! They have come such a long way from when Aneela had been trying to kill the former assassin.

KILLJOYS — “Terraformance Anxiety” Episode 509 — Pictured: (l-r) Aaron Ashmore as John, Hannah John-Kamen as Dutch — (Photo by: Ken Woroner/Killjoys V Productions Limited/SYFY)

Delle Seyah in turn fill the Jaqobis brothers in on how Jaq had a vision that they were in trouble that’s why they came to the supermax. She adds that they need to head to Qresh so she can take back her place as head of the Nine and start a proper war with The Lady. Dutch on the other hand still thinks they need to save Westerley now. D’av surprisingly agrees with the surrogate mother of his son, but that’s because they need to get weapons from Land Robbel.

On Qresh, the Robbel siblings offer their missiles in exchange for D’av marrying one of them. Dutch appears a little while later and makes an alternate suggestion that if the brother and sister agree to provide them with weapons, Delle Seyah will give them a seat in the Nine (to which their mutual friend agreed to). Speaking of which, Aneela and the Killjoy have an interesting side conversation where the Hullen reveals that aside from Jaq, The Lady really wanted Khlyen and that’s why she brought him back. He knows more about the alien physiology and she needs him to make sure the transplant sticks. We also discover that the Kin Rits were the first of the ten Qreshi families and it was they who chose which families ruled and which served. It seems that part of Aneela and Delle Seyah’s plans are a power grab to re-establish the Kin Rits as heads of Qresh. Formidable indeed. Delle Seyah agrees and the Robbels seem to seal the agreement with sexy ear touching.

Meanwhile Pree and Gared are able to rescue Turin from a kill squad and the trio retreat back to Zeph’s Old Town lab in an attempt to contact her. Luckily, they are able to connect via a video feed and as Pree is waxing poetic about taking revenge for the death of their comrades Johnny walks into the shot and happily says that all members of Team Awesome Force are alive. The bartender explains though that they’ve got problems because the towns folk were told to go back home and that they didn’t have to work ever again. The younger Jaqobis brother still thinks that there is still enough oxygen in the air to reverse the terraforming and Zeph tells the trio to check on her weather station because she needs to know what’s changed in the air. Gared then volunteers to go and help Johnny because he needs to make amends for what he’s done by helping Khlyen. Pree reluctantly lets him go after they share a passionate kiss. He then goes off with Turin to check on the weather data when an ominous fog appears. As the two men are walking back to the Royale, they encounter Carl who then gets eaten by one of the grown hatchlings. They then try to round up as many Old Town residents to the bar in order to keep them safe and not walking the streets of Old Town until they can be evacuated by Team Awesome Force.

Back at the supermax, Johnny has a missile beacon set up ready to go and Dutch prepares to give a rally speech to the prison troops. But before that Zeph informs them that they’ve got a problem because the fog is now on Old Town and that extreme localization can’t be natural. Then there’s the monsters that are eating people. Dutch thinks they still need to hit the factory first, assuming that the fog is being generated through it somehow. Not destroying the place could mean more oversized hatchlings that they won’t be able to stop. She then addresses the inmates who volunteered for this mission and at first her pep talk fails to win the crowd but she switches tactics and gets honest with them. This isn’t what they signed up for and this isn’t even their fight, but it could be. Dutch’s heartfelt speech on always being an outsider that is now a part of something bigger sticks the landing and the prisoners are moved.

First part of their plan is to send Gared to the armada to feed Khlyen false information. Through a communicator that Fancy built himself, Johnny will talk the other man through the ruse. It seems that Gared is to tell the older man that as the mole, the rebels are going to attack the Old Town factory but it’s only a distraction as the real attack will be on the armada from a broke ship, whoops a cloaked ship. This mistake clues Aneela’s father in that Pree’s partner is communicating with someone. Confronted, Gared’s earpiece is removed and Khlyen hears Johnny, D’av and Dutch who are on Westerley preparing to attack the factory. He heads to The Lady and asks for a ship to the planet on the guise that his mole has given him information that the factory is to be ambushed and he needs to confirm it. However, just then one of the Hullen soldiers gets an alert that the attack is underway already. Khlyen however also adds Gared’s lie that this is just a distraction for the real target is the armada. She asks him who he thinks is behind this and he says he intends to find out.

KILLJOYS — “Terraformance Anxiety” Episode 509 — Pictured: (l-r) Aaron Ashmore as John, Hannah John-Kamen as Dutch, Luke Macfarlane as D’Avin — (Photo by: Ian Watson/Killjoys V Productions Limited/SYFY)

Speaking of which, D’av finally confesses to Dutch that he loves her and couldn’t imagine life without her just as they are about to go shoot a bunch of stuff. With that Team Awesome Force plus Fancy and the Herks inmates begin their assault. Johnny and Dutch plant the missile beacon in one section of the factory and over comms tells Zeph that they’ll meet her at the rendezvous point. D’av then tells his men to fall back as well. Khlyen though soon appears at the factory as well and destroys the beacon, except we find out that was exactly what Team Awesome Force planned for. Aneela had told Dutch earlier that they needed to rescue their father though the later was suspicious of his agenda. However, Khlyen reveals some troubling news that the fog over Old Town is meant to suppress The Lady’s children and if that is gone they will be indestructible plus destroying the factory will only result in the annihilation of the Quad. She knocks Khlyen out and tells Johnny to reset the missile target zone so that most of Old Town will get hit to take out the hatchlings. Meanwhile the folks inside the Royale have headed out to the badlands before the weapons are launched. As Dutch presses the button that ushers in the destruction of the only real home she’s had, it’s an emotional moment as this town has been with her and us since season one of the series.

The rescued Old Town residents get showered with Zeph’s memory restoration solution in the aftermath and Dutch talks to Khlyen inside the supermax. He tells her that what she did doesn’t stop the end because back on the armada, The Lady is pissed as hell and intends to burn everything to the ground. However she does get one perk as earlier there had been a signal being beamed directly to them from a distant planet. She sends a jumpship to investigate and it finally returns with the cube that contains a sleeping Jaq inside.

Surprisingly we also get a memory scene of Khlyen and a young Aneela in Qresh before they leave for Arkyn where he tells her that the work they are doing will be for their planet and they’ll return when the work is done. We see the adult Aneela watching the scene and it’s like she was still in the green. Did she create another pool by draining her blood again?

KILLJOYS — “Terraformance Anxiety” Episode 509 — Pictured: Hannah John-Kamen as Dutch — (Photo by: Ken Woroner/Killjoys V Productions Limited/SYFY)

Final Thoughts

  • It was so good to hear Pree sing again before the series ends.
  • The scene with Johnny and Dutch kicking ass and taking no prisoners was such a call back to season one!
  • Turin is really becoming an old softie.
  • I was not expecting Old Town to get destroyed, it’s been so through so much throughout the entire show. Every season we get a shocking death, this one definitely counts.
  • With only one episode left in the series I am both excited and sad because I want to know what happens and yet am so sad that it’s all coming to an end.


Killjoys airs Fridays at 10/9c on Syfy.

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