‘Killjoys’ Review: Reckoning Night Comes with Dark Tidings

In this week’s episode of Killjoys, life for Team Awesome Force gets even weirder and crazier when a pregnant Delle Seyah shows up to parlay. Naturally everyone’s in a tizzy because how can they trust such a nefarious person? It’s also Reckoning Night in Old Town, which means people are off to do what they gotta do because war is coming everyone needs to say goodbye to loved ones and settle unfinished business before it’s too late.

Here are the epic can’t miss moments:

Delle Seyah shows up carrying D’Av’s baby

The former member of the Nine has apparently been sent by Aneela to the Quad to chat. She invokes an old law of parlay that guarantees safety until negotiations are over and that she’ll only speak to Johnny alone. John of course is furious and asks what makes her think he won’t shoot her again. Delle Seyah smiles and answers confidently that she’s sure that he’d like too but he won’t because she’s carrying D’Avin’s baby. Say whaaaaaaaaat? Yes, you heard that right. Apparently Aneela’s experiment was to use D’Avs blood to create a Hullen baby. Understandably though the members of Team Awesome Force can’t believe Seyah Kendry because they know that the Hullen can’t breed, that’s why they are body snatchers. Dutch argues that they should use parlay as a way to get information on when the armada is coming and thus reluctantly Johnny agrees.

He tells Delle Seyah that she took a big risk and coming to which she nonchalantly disagrees because apparently if she doesn’t return within 12 hours 15,000 Hullen ships will arrive to turn Westerley to dust. She explains that they just want Dutch though they are still coming for the Quad but just don’t want all of the fighting and resistance. John responds back that the Quad won’t go down without a fight but she counters with another offer, they’ll spare the Jaqobi brothers if he makes the accord happen.

D’Av and Zeph hatch a plan to save Dutch from certain death

Meanwhile, D’Avin has been struggling to find a way to save Dutch after learning that she had come from Aneela’s memories. Since the level 5 Killjoy believes that the only way to take out the Hullen commander is to kill her, she herself will die because Aneela is her source. While preparing their defenses for an eventual attack, D’Av and Zeph come up with a plan that could spare Dutch from having to die through planting a false memory into the green plasma. The memory would be of D’Av arguing with Dutch that she shouldn’t go into one of the cubes alone. This would then hopefully trigger Aneela into coming after her, but then the Hullen would be unable to escape because Khlyen had programmed the space as a cage for his daughter. This would then allow them to take Aneela out of the game and keep Dutch alive. However they need a few things, first tech to record the false memory and then a Hullen to implant it into.

They recruit Pip to help them with the tech portion. He uses his ties to the underground black market to score a device that would allow him to record the memory. Next Dutch gets Kitaan, the crazy Hullen prisoner who got under Fancy’s skin when they took back the RAC. While they are eventually able to implant the memory into Kitaan’s mind through D’Av’s memory sifting abilities and drugging her so that she has no memory of what happened, a knife that had been keeping her paralyzed falls out and she accosts Pip on Lucy. She finds out what they did to her forces Pip to fly the ship to a planet where her plasma source is located so that she can warn her people. He crashes Lucy though and Dutch engages her in a fight with a bottle of plasma as prize. Even though the Killjoy eventually defeats the other woman in combat, she still looses because Kitaan is able to dip her hand into the green.

In anger, D’Av ends up tossing her out into the vacuum of space where she’ll be alive (thanks to her super healing abilities) but will forever be alone unable to call for help. So they are back to zero.

Delle Seyah turns out to be an incubator for D’Av and Aneela’s spawn

We find out that Seyah Kendry had another agenda in coming to the RAC and talking to John, she wanted to find out what was really inside her. Reluctantly, he agrees to it and he and Zeph run some tests on her revealing that it is indeed a baby that is rapidly progressing. She’s only been preggers for three weeks! Another interesting development is that the mother of the child isn’t Delle Seyah herself but Aneela. While the Hullen only think of this child as a miracle baby since they normally can’t conceive, if he/she inherits mommy’s skills, he/she could pull the Lady out. With their combined abilities in controlling the green this child is surely going to be formidable and of course the Hullen are keen to control it.

However because she’s carrying the Hullen chosen one, John has other plans and decides to use Delle Seyah and the child as hostages since she’s also precious to Aneela. She’s escorted to a cell but then Seyah Kendry doesn’t look upset at all and it makes you wonder if this is all a part of the plan. Likely it is given the brilliant tactician Aneela is.

Reckoning Night makes people do strange things

Alvis enacts the Reckoning Night custom where people who were going off to battle would go to a loved one or some one they were fighting with to resolve unfinished business knowing that they may not make it back alive. He uses one of the blades to slice his palm and tells Fancy that he’s sorry that he wasn’t there for the other man when he was needed. While Fancy isn’t really one for religious ceremonies, he eventually accepts the blade that Alvis left and goes off to tackle his own issues by confronting Turin in his cell. He also cuts his palm and tells senior RAC officer that he’s trusting and giving him the chance that he should have been accorded. Fancy unlocks his door and says that the other man now has a chance to prove himself trustworthy.

Meanwhile, Pree and Gared take a step forward in their relationship as the bartender comforts his neglected partner by explaining that he’s seen enough Reckoning Nights to know that what people say when they think they are going die isn’t worth as much as knowing that when this is all over, he is coming back to Gared. These two are simply adorable. Pree then belts out an amazing Reckoning Night tune and Thom Allison truly has one powerfully amazingly voice folks.

Dutch and D’Av get it on again because Reckoning Night

After surviving Kitaan’s crazy antics, Dutch and D’Av have a very raw and honest conversation at how they are back to plan A. The elder Jaqobis brother asks if she’s really giving up and she says that she’s giving in. It’s an intense scene between the two characters as she asks him to tell Johnny because she can’t. D’Av gets angry that she’s assuming that he can handle it and accuses her of being selfish, being a bad Killjoy who never follows orders, and that she keeps sleeping with the wrong guys. Dutch knows that he’s just frustrated and tells him that she’s going to miss so many things like John’s inside jokes with Lucy, the time when it was just the two of them, drinking too much and sleeping with the wrong people. As they reminisce the chemistry sizzles and D’Av leans in to kiss her.

John is finally filled in on Dutch’s origins

After their escapade, D’Av tells his younger brother about Dutch’s origin. When she talks to them both, Johnny is surprisingly calm about it and says that he can handle it but that he won’t let her do it alone. She nods gratefully and when she is away from earshot he tells D’Avin that he’s still going to try to figure out a way to save her. Thank goodness for Johnny! If anyone can come up with another plan, he can.

The Devil comes for the monk

In the most shocking scene on the episode, Alvis greets the person whom he thinks is Dutch since he had given her a Reckoning knife earlier that day. But then she puts her hand around his neck and lifts him up and we know that it’s actually Aneela. She then uses one of the knives and slices his belly the way the 12 Scarback monks who went to Arkyn to fight the devil all those years ago. In this moment the Hullen commander takes her revenge not only on Dutch but also on the monks for this long ago transgression.

Final Thoughts

  • Zeph casually asked Johnny if he wanted to sleep with her, is this a crush or scientific research? Hehe
  • Aneela must have purposely wanted Delle Seyah to fall into the hands of Team Awesome Force, the question is why though
  • With this new Aneela-D’Avin hybrid in Delle Seyah’s womb, do the other Hullen believe that not only can they create more Hullen children with D’Av’s blood but will the child have the ability to pull the Lady out of the green?
  • Loved the scene between Fancy and Turin especially because the former Hullen really proved himself to be the better man by putting his trust in the senior RAC officer despite everything
  • Delle Seyah having an Alien moment when Johnny was triggering the baby was freaky but cool because of its rapid development, how is this kid going to turn out?
  • Thom Allison has the voice of an angel!
  • Tara Spencer-Nairn is AMAZING as Kitaan. She’s so deliciously evil and I love it. The show has so many strong badass females week after week! Don’t ever stop!

Next week is the finale for season 3! Will Aneela be able to defeat both her enemies? Who is the Lady in the green? Will Dutch survive?


Killjoys airs Fridays on Syfy at 8/7 central.

For more on the show click HERE.


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