‘Killjoys’ Review: A Jaqobis Family Reunion

In this week’s episode of Killjoys, Johnny follows D’av and Jaq to the Jaqobis home world of Telen and it becomes a family reunion to remember.

The Boys Have Home World Adventure

Johnny realizes onboard Lucy that D’avin has taken his son back to their home world of Telen because there is a family “in case of emergency” item his brother will likely be grabbing. Meanwhile, D’av and Jaq are trudging in the sandy plains when they suddenly get shot at. The shooter turns out to be old man Jaqobis. The trio then head down to the family bunker because a silica storm is heading their way. We find out that grandpa became sober after Khlyen and Fancy paid him a visit back in season two trying to figure out if D’avin’s reaction to the green was hereditary. He may be laying off the hok, but he’s still a douche. In fact he spent the money that his wife hid for their sons. Gramps tells Jaq the story of how D’av left the planet and joined the military, making it seem that it was his guidance that made his oldest son into a man. The elder Jaqobis brother isn’t having it though and tells his father to stop with the inaccurate tales.

Johnny in the meantime has made his way to the family home. He’s told by Dutch who’s still on Lucy that two Hullen ships have breached the planet’s atmosphere and so he’s got another problem on the way. Inside the bunker, John reunites with the other Jaqobis men and all is not peachy. He runs into Jaq first who was sent into the tunnels to retrieve a tool for his grandfather. However, the Hullens are also there but luckily the two are able to quietly slip away without detection. Once reunited with D’av and gramps, the power gets killed and that’s a big problem because they need energy to keep the filters going in order to prevent silica sand from coming into the air vents. Johnny works on getting the filter back on while his father demands to be told what the hells is going on. When the Killjoy tells the truth that Jaq is a product of a splice between D’av and a 275-year-old woman who disappeared into a trans-dimensional space and now they are being hunted by her undying enemy, the old man thinks he’s being lied too. He also informs dear old dad that he’s a level 5 Killjoy now.

D’av is spending some quality time with his kid as he sets up booby traps for the Hullen. We see how he’s being incredibly protective of his son even though the younger man wants to help. Jaq asks if D’avin was scared when he joined the army and the elder male admits that he was. D’av further expands that grandpa doesn’t always get the story right and that the dude is mean having beaten Johnny up as a child while drunk. More often than not he would take the abuse for his younger brother until one day he had enough, fought back and then found himself in the army. After Jaq reveals that grandpa had sent him in the tunnels to man up, D’av confronts his father who’s arguing with Johnny inside the bunker. The three are fighting away when someone triggers one of the traps the elder Jaqobis brother set up earlier.

Outside their door they find a Black Root soldier passed out from the explosion. The unconscious male is hauled inside and restrained. Gramps wants to take the fight to the Hullen while Johnny interjects that they should get topside and get to the eye of the storm for Dutch to pick them up. D’av surprisingly agrees with his dad for once and knows that the Hullen will just come after them so he and the old man will engage down in the tunnels while John takes Jaq up top and off the planet. The teenager reveals to his uncle that he can remember things before they happen sometimes and sees that the three older men will be in a dark room and that he’s in trouble with no one’s coming to save him. Suddenly someone is coming down into the bunker from a ceiling entrance wearing a sand suit. Jaq heads to a different room and Johnny tells the newcomer to identify himself. Except it’s not a he, but a she! She turns out to be Charlie, an old flame of his and current sheriff.

Meanwhile grandpa has charged ahead to attack the Hullen head on and just as D’av is about to go after him, he gets knocked out by a small device. When he regains consciousness, he’s on a couch with Johnny, Jaq, and Charlie inside the bunker. Looks like they got to him before the Hullen, but the eldest Jaqobis got taken. D’av then decides that he needs to interrogate the trespasser they caught earlier to find out what the Lady wants with his son. As he begins some electric shock therapy, the Hullen reveals that all he knows is that the heir is to be taken to the Quad. The Black Root soldier goes on to say that Jaq is not a child and that he is the beginning to everything and the end to all of them. Before he can say more however, a kill chip is activated and he dies. Suddenly a voice speaks through a walkie and one of the dead Hullen’s compatriots tells D’av that they’ll trade his father for the first born. Charlie volunteers to take Jaq to the eye of the storm to get him onboard Lucy then circle back to grab the Jaqobis afterwards.

The brothers then head off to find the Hullen and their father and that’s where things go south real fast. They find dear old dad but Charlie appears with Jaq in tow and we find out that she’s been working with the enemy all along. The Jaqobis men then get locked into a room where the Hullen open the vents for the silica to enter while Charlie hands over their heir for money. Johnny tries to convince her that she doesn’t have to do this but she needs the funds for her own kid. Thankfully however, John though is able to break his bonds with a small laser that he pocketed from his dad’s toolbox earlier. He then frees D’av and they then try to figure out how to open the steel door when Jaq slides it over. Turns out he used the training he received from Dutch well and was able to incapacitate his Hullen captor. His dad is so proud! Johnny in the meantime finds Charlie and she tries to appeal to his sympathetic side but he ain’t having it. She betrayed him not just him but his family and so she gets cuffed. Though not sure who he would send her too since she’s the sheriff.

The Ladies Take a Sunny Trip

Back on Lucy, Dutch is unable to communicate with John because of the silica storm. She does however get in touch with Zeph who is on the armada. The scientist shows her the video of the Hullen draining green plasma from bodies on the R.A.C. to create a viable green pool. Dutch realizes though the Lady wants to use that as her means of escape, but Zeph points out that it’s also their way in to rescue Aneela. The leader of Team Awesome Force then explains that Khlyen left her a weapon and shows the cylinder filled with a mysterious substance that is supposed to destroy the green and everyone connected to it. After scanning the item and transferring the information to Zeph, they find out that its some kind of spore but it’s also decaying at an alarmingly fast rate. They need to break it down to its components so that the scientist can figure out to recreate it. Unfortunately, time is running out and since the ship is currently hovering above Telen waiting for the collective Jaqobis men, Dutch is going to have to do it herself. Zeph instructs her to use a centrifuge but unfortunately there isn’t enough force to manage the separation because super spores. Holo Zeph casually mentions that Dutch need to hurl herself against the sun’s gravity to get the kind of g-force they need.

Dutch naturally goes ahead and sets their course for a nearby sun while holo Zeph is adamantly stating multiple reasons why this is a terrible idea. Stubborn as ever though, she has Lucy mute the scientist and then takes manual control of the ship’s system. Incidentally a verbal override command will be needed for Lucy to regain command of the vessel again. Dutch soon loses consciousness and Zeph is freaking out big time trying to figure out how to save the other woman when she’s been muted and can’t tell Lucy to override. In the nick of time she is able to boost the light on her holo projection and destroys part of a control panel, which then activates extinguishers and the sudden burst of air wakes up Dutch. The leader of Team Awesome Force is able to give the verbal command and Lucy whizzes them away. The weaponized liquid also gets separated and Zeph gets the information she needs to recreate it. She berates Dutch in the aftermath that she can’t lose another friend and the other woman asks her to come clean with how severe Pip’s situation is. Zeph admits that if she cuts out the spider it will kill him and if she leaves it in the spider will kill him anyways. Dutch tells her that she just needs to do what she does best, face the truth and kick its ass with science. In turn the scientist tells the warrior that no matter what dark crap she’s been through she can let in some light without setting everything on fire.

Team Awesome Force Is Together Again

The three Jaqobis men return to Lucy and is greeted by Dutch. Johnny takes his nephew aside to give his brother and his best friend some alone time to work out their issues. The two head to the cockpit where Jaq asks why the Hullen are hunting him. The elder man admits that they don’t know why the Lady is after him but they’ll keep fighting her. The boy correctly says that they can’t fight her if his dad is always trying to protect him. He then shows Johnny the pendant that Delle Seyah gave him in order to find her. Jaq thinks that he might be safe with his surrogate mother for the time being and wonders if D’av will understand. The level 5 Killjoy says that being safe is all his dad wants for him.

Meanwhile, Dutch and D’av share a drink and talk it out. She tells him that it really hurt her that he left because he felt that she couldn’t do better and asks him if he’s giving up on them. He definitively answers no and she says good because neither is she. They then kiss and make up. But their physical display of affection is interrupted by a searing pain on Dutch’s back. When D’av unzips her top he sees some kind of symbol appearing on her skin. Is this something that is also happening to Aneela in the green and thus affecting her creation because of their connection? Only time will tell.

Final Thoughts

  • It was great to have Zeph and Dutch bond some more and have some girl time in this side adventure. It’s nice for the two strong independent women to have some quality girl time for a change.
  • Could the Hullen be bringing Jaq to the Quad in order to put him inside the green to get Aneela out? Or perhaps she just needs him there waiting for her one she manages to get herself out?
  • It was super cool to see Jaq in action and we get to see a bit of Aneela and Dutch in him. He will be a formidable fighter as he continues to grow in his abilities. Speaking of which, I wonder if his precognition comes from Aneela or D’av’s side of the gene pool.
  • Johnny telling Charlie about having someone once made my heart ache. I miss Pawter!
  • Also what a treat to see where D’avin and Johnny grew up. Bonus on getting a look at what their life was like with their father and how both have grown so much since leaving Telen.


Killjoys airs on Syfy Fridays at 10/9c. Relive all the epic moments from seasons 1 – 3 now on VRV.

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