‘Killjoys’: 7 Crazy Things You Need To Know In ‘Full Metal Monk’

Killjoys Season 2,
Episode 7: “Full Metal Monk”
Air Date: August 19, 2016

On Killjoys things go from bad to worse for everyone on Team Awesome Force but we do learn lots of new things like how Aneela and Khlyen are connected and what the wall does. While The Company’s plans and the ties to the Nine and Khlyen are still a mystery, the show continues to do a great job in giving audiences an action-packed narrative that’s filled with unexpected twists and turns. Despite serious challenges various characters face, the witty dialogue is always on point and never fails to induce amusement. Killjoys manages to balance a wide array of tones with aplomb. Bravo!

This week’s episode is no exception. Here are the 7 crazy things you need to know:

Killjoys - Season 2

Dutch Confronts Johnny at Spring Hill, Asks Pawter to Rescue Him

Johnny’s jig is up so to speak as Dutch came to visit him while imprisoned inside Spring Hill for breaking and entering Jelco’s office last week. The poor killjoy was beaten pretty badly, but that couldn’t hold a candle to the look of hurt and betrayal in Dutch’s eyes as she confronts him for lying to her. He was the person she trusted most and now she feels completely betrayed that he didn’t tell her about his and Pawter’s plans. Johnny is in a hard place as he explains that while of Dutch and D’Avin are his team, he’s in love with Pawter. She then messages the Qreshi royal to come get him out and Johnny asks why she even came. Dutch answers, “habit.” Ouch.


D’Avin Can Make Eyes Explode

This week D’Av manifests a new interesting ability after he and Turin go hunting for 6’s in Old Town. The senior RAC officer is reluctant to believe that one of his former colleagues is a 6 since the man had saved his ass at least four times in the past. Before they can talk to said individual in a calm fashion, the 6 catches them off guard with an attack. As he begins to choke D’Avin to death, his eyeballs begin to bug out and then explodes into a gooey mess of plasma and blood. That’s new.

Killjoys - Season 2

Pawter Frees Johnny From Spring Hill, But Everything Goes to Crap After

Pawter comes to the rescue as she turns her autocratic dial to 10 and commands Jelco to release Johnny as his sovereign. The Company officer eventually acquiesces but soon contacts Delle Seyah to get further instructions. It seems that Seyah Kendry has her hands in all sorts of places.

The two lovebirds then spend the rest of their time trying to figure out how The Company plans to cull the citizens of Old Town. After failing to find any kind of poison in the water or the air, they figure out that it must be in the food. They meet the ex-prison guard from episode 2 who is now Old Town’s guy for Company rations. He’s supposed to be getting a shipment of extra special stuff and Pawter and Johnny realize that this must be how the poison is going to be delivered.

They head back to the Royale to the doctor’s old quarters where the two begin to act highly giddy and optimistic despite their highly serious mission. Pawter is also waiting for Arune, her only ally from the Nine that’s willing to back her up as long as she has proof that the Company is planning to do something terrible to Old Town. When the man arrives, he believes that both Johnny and Pawter are high because they are certainly acting like it.

Jelco appears soon after and explains that basically he’s activated the true purpose of the wall (as instructed by Delle Seyah) and that’s is to render everyone within it completely content and complacent. He shoots Arune and has Pawter and Johnny pose in front of the dead body for a picture in order to frame them. The killjoy tries to fight it but without a protective patch, he is unable to shake the effects.

The two depart the Royale happy and in love without a care in the world.


Dutch and D’Av Head To Leith to See Olan

Meanwhile Dutch and D’Av go to Leith to try and find out if Olan has deciphered anything from Khlyen’s transmission. She mentions the name Aneela and he goes bananas, triggering a vision overload. Aneela FYI is the mysterious woman who looks exactly like Dutch but we don’t know why. Olan then begins to write on the wall in the old Scarback language. Alvis doesn’t know what it all says but he takes out the human skin bookmark and tells them that he’s seen some of the same symbols on it. The monk does point out a few characters that he knows like Arkyn and plague. The young man then explains that it’s a map to rivers on Arkyn, he felt water and people drowning and screaming. While there are no rivers currently on the moon, there had been a couple of hundred years ago.


Alvis Joins Team Awesome Force and They Find Another Safe House

On Arkyn, the two killjoys and the monk eventually find another large mirrored cube in a nearly dried up riverbed. Nothing happens when Alvis or D’Av place their hands on the cube’s surface but as soon as Dutch does an entryway is made. However once they are inside Dutch says that this is different because the walls aren’t translucent though D’Av points out that there isn’t a red box either. All of a sudden the lights go off and the cube becomes the universe’s worst secret elevator. The former assassin screams stop and luckily their descent stops. They’ve dropped into a very eerie and abandoned facility.

This place is likely the predecessor of Red 17. As they explore, there’s nothing but dusty junk until some dead yet creepily preserved bodies pop up. D’Av believes that they guys were going through the level 6 process but didn’t survive. The green plasma explains why they are still juicy despite being there for who knows how long.


They Discover A Very Old, But Alive Monk

Soon after Alvis finds another chamber with a very alive person walled in. The wall in fact appears to be just like the one currently around Westerly. Alvis tries to talk to the old man but he can’t seem to hear anything is appears to be muttering something. The Scarback determines that the dude in the cage is one of their ancients. There were ten bodies outside plus this guy and the other one in the mine makes the 12 monks who came to fight the devil.

Dutch shots the control panel, which deactivates the wall, but as soon as the old man sees her he goes level 6 on them and tries to kill her (while screaming deeeeeevil!!). Obviously he thinks she’s Aneela. In order to calm him down, D’Av has to use his special plasma controlling abilities and eventually he is able to soothe the old monk through coaching from Alvis.

Killjoys - Season 2

Aneela Is Khlyen’s Daughter?

Once calmed, Alvis tells the old monk in their old tongue that Dutch is not Aneela. His response back is that he understands but respectfully disagrees and welcomes her back to hells. Frustrated, the former assassin cuts herself to prove that she’s not a level 6. Still unconvinced he asks who sent her and she shows him a picture of Khlyen. He tells Alvis that he knows that man but she called him by a different name, father. Holy crap! So Khlyen casually forgot to mention to Dutch that she looked exactly like his daughter. Well now it makes sense why he’s so protective of her.

The old monk still believes that Dutch is Aneela and begs her to kill him. D’Av turns out to be the voice of reason and advocates that he gets to decide how much is too much pain. She asks for forgiveness before killing him and with hatred in his eyes he says no. Well yikes.

I’m still thinking that Dutch could be a clone of Aneela that Khlyen hid from his daughter so that Aneela couldn’t kill her before she was battle ready. Perhaps the former assassin is the only person who can actually take on his child as a genetic copy.

Final Thoughts

  • It’ll be interesting to see how the wall, the level 6’s, Aneela, The Company, and the plans of Delle Seyah and Khlyen all fit in together
  • Likely Pawter/Johnny and Dutch/D’Av are fighting the same fight just from different angles
  • So we know that the wall makes people happy and complacent and that The Company will be culling the herd via poisoned rations but what is the end game? Why are they doing this? Are they planning to take the strongest and turn them into 6’s to fight this looming threat that is heading to the Quad?
  • Could Aneela have joined this new threat which is why Khlyen wants Dutch to kill her?


Killjoys airs Fridays on Syfy at 9/8 central.

Images courtesy of Syfy.

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