Jubilee Joins ‘X-Men: Age of Apocalypse’

I’d officially like to welcome our newest mutant #JubilationLee, #Jubilee @LanaCondor to #XMEN #Apocalypse

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The next film in the X-Men films isn’t due until next year, but director Bryan Singer has had fun giving away little tidbits on his Instagram, from set design to casting to news. Today, he’s revealed the newest mutant to join the cast: Jubilee, played by Lana Condor. Jubilee is a fan favorite from the classic 90s X-Men cartoon with the ability to generate energy plasmoids from her hands. She was in the background of the first three films, had a brief cameo in a deleted scene in X-Men 2, and was even up for consideration in Days of Future Past, but this’ll be the first time she’s actually on the big screen.

In the comics, she ran away from home and joined the X-Men after saving Wolverine’s life. Currently, she’s member of the all-female X-Men team with the powers of a vampire and the adoptive mother of the baby Shogo. No word yet on if she’ll be one of Charles’ first new recruits alongside the younger versions of Cyclops, Storm, and Jean Grey, but it wouldn’t be out of the picture. Here’s hoping she and Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine bond just like they do in the comics.

X-Men: Apocalypse arrives in theaters May 27, 2016.

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