‘iZombie’ Review: “Eat, Pray, Liv”

Season 3 Episode 3: “Eat, Pray, Liv”
Original Air Date: April 18, 2017

This week on iZombie’s “Eat, Pray, Liv” Major starts developing symptoms from the Zombie Cure and Ravi’s douchebaggary reaches an all time high.

Murder/Brain of the Week:

Victim: A yoga instructor who was murdered while meditating. Liv makes Brain Chai Tea with his spiritual brains and becomes enlightened. I’m a little confused how Liv prepared these brains for consumption. Can you really puree brain/meat into a chai tea latte?


Anywho, the murderer was the victim’s ex-business partner. This murder seemed like a bizarre choice because neither the crime nor the brains played into the main plots of the episode. That is all I really have to say about the murder this week.


Major is struggling to keep up with his fellow zombie commandos at his new Fillmore Graves job. He gets shot in the head during every training drill, which is not the most desirable thing if you are a zombie (or like, anyone). Not only is Major the new guy, but most of the soldiers around him were mercenaries before they were zombies as well, putting Major at a major disadvantage (the novelty of using major puns has yet to wear off). To make matters even worse, the ill effects of his Zombie cure are starting to rear their ugly heads. His lungs are filling up with liquid, and while Ravi is currently able to drain the fluid, this is only a temporary fix. Major now has to decide between two undesirable outcomes: take the Zombie Cure 2.0 which will most likely wipe away all his memories, or die in a couple of weeks.


Ravi thinks that his memory loss cure is complete, but can’t be sure because mice brains are different than humans. He doesn’t want to give Major the cure without assurance that he will be able to keep his memories. This is where Blaine comes in. (I have already addressed my qualms with this “memory cure” so I won’t rehash them again here).


Blaine has decided to expand his horizons and become a lounge singer. I can officially say that I am pretty sure that Blaine is most likely not faking his memory loss. I can’t see old Blaine wanting to be a lounge singer even for the sake of a cover.


Peyton comes to see his musical debut, and after his set, he asks him for some legal help. Apparently, there is a little snag in his father’s will. That little snag, of course, is the fact that his father is not actually dead (well, he is undead, but he’s not dead dead. You guys know what I mean!). While Mr. Beers attends this meeting to show his son a that he holds all of the power in this relationship, Blaine wants to use this opportunity to get to know his father. Maybe he can shed some light on Blaine’s forgotten past. On who he used to be. But when his father recalls a story of how an eleven-year-old Blaine pawned off his mother’s favorite earrings to a drug dealer, he realizes that he doesn’t want to know his pre-cure self. Maybe this tabula rasa that the Zombie Cure granted him was actually a gift.


Oh, Ravi, what am I going to do with you? After spending two straight episodes whining to anyone in earshot about his poor broken heart, Liv has had enough.

Liv: “Stop, no more. Talk to her, not to me”

So he heads to Peyton’s office to “apologize.” He tells Peyton that he is sorry for how he has been acting, but it was only because he can’t stop picturing her and Blaine boning. I don’t think that there is anything wrong with Ravi apologizing to Peyton and explaining why he has been acting like a douche bag. Whether or not I agree with them, Ravi is entitled to his feeling. But what he isn’t allowed to do is turn this into a non-apology and make Peyton feel guilty for Ravi’s reaction. And that is exactly what he does. Thankfully, Peyton is not having any of Ravi’s bullshit.

Peyton: “And this should be obvious, but I am going to say it anyways. Your opinion in this matter is irrelevant. What did you come here for Ravi? Did you come here to say you’re sorry? Or were you hoping maybe, I’d apologize to you?”

Peyton already feels guilty enough for sleeping with Blaine, even though she shouldn’t. Peyton was the victim here. Blaine used her. He pretended to be someone else to get into her pants. She thought he was this noble and courageous man risking his life to bring down the biggest mobster in the city. She didn’t know that he was Liv’s arch nemesis. She is the victim, and you, Ravi, should be telling her that none of this is her fault, not making her feel worse.

The Cure

When it comes time to ask Blaine memory cure test subject, Blaine declines. He doesn’t want to become the person he was before. This infuriates Ravi. Blaine has committed so many horrendous acts: he tortured Major and then turned him into a zombie; he killed homeless teens to collect their brains; he infected an entire boat party to create more zombie customers. He should take the cure and atone for his sins. These are all valid points, and I understand Ravi’s anger. Peyton, on the other hand, does not.

Peyton: “Why are you being such a dick?”
Ravi: “It isn’t obvious? It’s because I’m in love with you!”

Well sir, that declaration of love just rendered your previous arguments moot. This has nothing to do with saving Major. This is only about Ravi’s stupid pride!

Putting the douchebag Ravi aspect of this storyline aside, I found myself conflicted on whether or not Blaine should take the serum. For this argument, I am going to assume that Blaine’s memory loss is indeed legit. If Blaine has no recollection of committing those horrendous acts, and he is no longer the person who would commit those acts going forward, does he really have anything to atone for? This isn’t a case of him being a “changed man,” he literally isn’t the same person who committed those acts. I understand the thinking that if he is a truly decent man he would atone for the sins of the man he previously was, but should he have to? I also could not wrap my head around the fact that everyone was actively willing to bring the old Blaine back. He was a downright evil dude. He killed teens without a second though; he turned people into zombies just to increase his client pool. Is that someone that they really want to bring back?

In the end, Blaine decides to do the “right” thing and lets Ravi takes the injection. I guess we will all just have to wait and see what happens.


Later that night Peyton goes to confront Ravi about his declaration of love. She barges into the house and yells at him for not being there for her. If he loved her, why wasn’t he by her side? He apologizes profusely and promises that he will be better. Promises that he will give her what she needs. As the pair shares a passionate kiss, Peyton hears a wine glass break in the kitchen. It turns out Ravi wasn’t drinking his sorrows at home alone; he invited his former boss over for a booty call. And on that, Peyton storms out and meets the rest of team Z at the bar to listen to Blaine play lounge music.

Other Things:

  1. Major has a new work friend named Justin, and he is amazing. Major invites him over to play DDR with him and Liv, and it is awesome. Anyone else sensing a potential spark between him and Liv? iZombie
  2. Donnie and Mr. Beers have found a name and a location for their new business venture. Donnie quickly realizes though that this partnership isn’t going to be as fun as he initially thought. Blaine’s father dismisses nearly all of Donnie’s ideas and has assigned him to coffee run duty.iZombie
  3. I just don’t understand Ravi. Once Peyton entered the house, her discovering Katty was inevitable. I can’t think of a single way that it could have been avoided. He should have just told her. Ugh, Ravi, get your shit together!
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