‘iZombie’ Review: “Return of the Dead Guy”


Season 3 Episode 10: “Return of the Dead Guy”
Original Air Date: June 06, 2017

This week on iZombie, Peyton and Liv get their kink on, Liv is visited by the ghost of her ex-lover, and Ravi has to outsmart Harley and his merry band of nitwit Zombie Haters.

After a lackluster start to the season, I am glad to say that iZombie is back on track. Seriously though, so many amazing things happened in “Return of the Dead Guy” it is hard to know where to begin.

Crime of the Week:

Technically there was no crime of the week this episode, which was a-okay with me. Instead, Liv has a day off and wants the apartment to herself so she can have a bang fest with Justin. Peyton, though, makes Liv a better offer…spending her day off with her bestie.

Liv: “I don’t want you to be insulted. And don’t think I haven’t considered it, but I’m gonna stick with men.”

Oh man, I wish, but that wasn’t what Peyton had in mind, exactly. Peyton wants Liv to eat the brain of Mr. James Weckler, the lead suspect in the Dominatrix killing, because she is not convinced that Weckler is the perp. Liv decides to put chicks before dicks and the two besties head to the morgue to make Liv some breakfast.

Huevos RanchbrainosiZombie

At this point, I should also mention that Mr. Weckler hanged himself in prison, was previously committed to a psych hospital for seeing his dead wife, and his brain has been soaking in Ravi’s memory blue brain solution for the past week or so.

I didn’t realize how much I missed seeing Peyton and Liv spend time together until this episode. Not only did they interacted more with each other in this single episode than they have all season, it was also the first time in a long time that it felt like these two were actually best friends and not just in Team Z together.

This is what besties look like


I think it is safe to say that what happens next is my favorite thing to ever, ever, EVER happen on iZombie. And I swear this is not an exaggeration. After ingesting some Weckler brain, Liv and Peyton try to elicit a vision with some S&M role playing, as two best friends often do. Liv is not impressed when Peyton unenthusiastically taps her bum with a fly swatter, so she decides to give Peyton the motivation that she needs:

Liv: “That is some weak sauce counselor. Looks like we found something Peyton isn’t good at. ”

This is also what besties look like


Well, Liv knows how to light a fire under her besties ass, because after that, Peyton is 100% in.

Peyton: “Take it back you undead slut.”

Finally, this good fun triggers a vision. Unfortunately for Peyton, though, it reveals that James did indeed kill Sweet Lady Pain when she caught him stealing the thumb drive. Then, Liv learns of the second side effect of this brain, seeing her dead ex-boyfriend Drake, for whose death she blames herself.

Peyton: “Who are you talking to?”
Liv: “Drake”
Peyton: “Drake, old boyfriend Drake?”
Liv: “No, Drake the multi-platinum hip-hop star”

Liv is understandably shaken and disturbed by seeing the ghost of her ex. In truth, besides the premiere, Liv has barely mentioned Drake. Instead, she has been hiding from it and burying her emotions by jumping from brain to brain. And so, true to form, after being confronted with Drake’s ghost, Liv heads to the morgue.

Unfortunately for Liv, her ghost of boyfriends past follows her to the morgue. Clive witnesses Liv talking to Drake’s ghost, which leads to an awkward explanation, but also triggers another vision where Liv experiences Weckler being hanged by a prison guard. This starts an investigation into the prison guards and leads to the discovery that the prison guard who murdered Weckler mysteriously died by falling overboard during a cruise.

This case is getting fishier and fishier.

So in a final move to try to find anything to make sense of this case, Liv and Clive track down and interrogate Weckler’s daughter, Tatum. She doesn’t give up any information on her father or his death, but when Liv and Clive leave we learn that Tatum and her best friend are both zombies. Interesting to say the least.

Justin and Liv

One of the biggest obstacles that Liv has with this brain is that it cock blocks her plans to bone Justin. It’s pretty hard to have sex with your new boyfriend when the ghost of your ex pops up everywhere, including in your bed.iZombie

In the end, Liv deals with her grief and guilt surrounded Drake’s death, but not before a little ghost makeout session. And then, all roads are clear for her to bang Justin. I am not going to lie, I am over Justin and Liv. This is in part because I find them boring, but mostly because I JUST WANT LIV AND CHASE TO BE TOGETHER.


Also getting jiggy with it is Major. Remember that girl who sent Major some “I believe you aren’t a serial killer” fan mail, well she spent the night for a marathon love making session. They are just getting it on all over the place. They even set up a fort dubbed “Fort Lust” in the living room. Ugh, vomit.

Blaine and Brain Business

Blaine is realizing that running the business that his father cultivated is going to be harder than he thought. Luckily for him, his old friend Mr. Boss has come into town for the expressed reason of killing Blaine. The only reason that this is lucky is that Mr. Boss doesn’t know about Zombies and therefore is not aware of the need for a single bullet to the head. Blaine uses this opportunity to recruit Mr. Stacey Boss as his new business associate.


Ravi and the Zombie Militia

Ravi has been kidnapped by the zombie haters to execute their brilliant plan: Torture a Zombie until it goes into full Raging Zombie Mode while live streaming it on the interweb.The lucky zombie to be tortured is Don E. He is still coming down from ingesting the blue WWII Nazi-fighting brain, and thinks that he is fighting said Nazis.


The anti-zombie militia is waiting to have 100,000 viewers before they start torturing Don E, which gives Ravi a little bit of time to concoct an escape plan. First, Ravi gives Harley’s younger brother some sedatives to knock him out, and later convinces him that he passed out because he was drunk. Next he goes in to talk to Don E, who reveals to Ravi that he has a burner phone hidden between his butt cheeks, and if Ravi wants to find it, he’s gonna have to do some digging. After rummaging around in Don E’s swamp ass, Don E remembers that the phone is actually stashed inside his sock. Oops, sorry Ravi.

Ravi quickly calls Blaine because no one remembers phone numbers anymore and Don E has it programmed into the phone. Blaine then, amazingly recruits Liv to help break out Ravi and Don E. But will they get there in time? Tune in next week to find out!

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