Illustrated Lets you experience Vincent Van Gogh’s Art In Apple Arcade

Illustrated is a New Look at Van Gogh

Illustrated is a puzzle game that was created in collaboration with famous artists all over the world. This amazing, soothing experience debuted on Friday, Jan. 13th on Apple Arcade for iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV. Illustrated is a brand new game from developer BorderLeap – the creators of titles like Drop Flip, Alpha Omega, and Apple Arcade smash hit Patterned.

If you’re into jigsaw and word puzzles as well as beautiful artwork then Illustrated is the game for you. With creative gameplay that takes the user from a concept sketch to a fully finished work of art, Illustrated also provides the player with context in the form of stories that tell the artists’ process. As the player progresses through their puzzle they are treated to the reveal of these concealed words. Complete the puzzle and you’ll see the full picture and story all at once.

View of ParisDeveloper Borderleap’s engaging, hypnotic puzzle game – Illustrated – highlights one of the world’s most renowned artists: Vincent Van Gogh. In conjunction with the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, the game will focus on art from different eras in Van Gogh’s life.



Illustrated puzzleEach puzzle is created using a story that serves as both a clue to solving it and a peek into the historic impressionist’s work and life. It’s left for the player to read these stories and decipher the clues in order to unearth the spectacular Van Gogh they have been paired with.

Illustrated puzzle 2

Each set of paintings is organized on a timeline that explores Van Gogh’s life. As expected, his early works are showcased in the gallery entitled “Van Gogh’s Early Years” which highlights the man as a young artist. From there you can advance to “Van Gogh in Paris” a gallery that focuses on him growing steadily into his signature style. And, don’t despair, more galleries are coming in 2023 – coincidentally also marking the 50th anniversary of the Van Gogh Museum.


Illustrated 3

The Van Gogh Museum galleries are just one of the many puzzles in Illustrated that bring to the forefront more than 20 contemporary artists’ work and stories exclusively on Apple Arcade for iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV.

For more information on Illustrated, follow developer BorderLeap on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

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