Hulk #14 Reveals the Most Dangerous Hulk in Marvel Comics History

The Final Issue for the Hulk Planet run sees Banner confront Titan, the most dangerous Hulk in history. Details here.

Marvel Comics has announced an epic finale to see off their Hulk Planet run written by Donny Cates and drawn by Ryan Ottley. Thus far, Bruce Banner has fled to the farthest reaches of space… discovering for himself, a new home on a planet inhabited by Hulk-like creatures. Living under the heat of a gamma star, these creatures have thrived under their Gamma energy, where Banner is worshipped, and the raging menace could finally find inner peace.

But In Hulk #14, that peace ends. Fans will witness the emergence of Titan, an alternate personality and the deadliest Hulk in Marvel Comics history. This formidable foe refuses to be suppressed any longer and Bruce Banner will pay a steep price for believing that he was ever in control, as Bruce struggles to save the planet and himself from the wrath of Titan. More importantly, Banner must finally come to terms with his own actions, including the harm he has inflicted on the Hulk.

“It’s been so much fun to finally tackle working on the HULK. And being able to write the last four issues of this arc and bring some story elements to fruition was such a challenge but I’ve enjoyed it the whole way,” Ottley said in a Marvel press release. “Drawing comics is what I’m used to; writing is a whole different animal, but doing both jobs was great and makes me want to do it more often! Feels sad to wrap up the arc and move on, but it’s definitely one of my favorite comic experiences. Hulk will always be one of my favorite Marvel heroes. And now with Titan added to the rogues gallery, hopefully we’ll see him again someday in all his fury and glory!”

Within the remaining fragments of the Mind Palace, Bruce must come to terms with the fact that once this part of the Hulk has been unleashed, it can never be contained again. It will be a test of both Bruce’s and the Hulk’s strength as they try to regain control and prevent the destruction of Hulk Planet.

HULK #14

Written by RYAN OTTLEY

Art and Cover by RYAN OTTLEY

On Sale 4/26

Christian Angeles
Christian Angeles
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