Howard the Duck Special 50th Anniversary Features New Covers

Howard the Duck will team up with some Marvel superheroes in 2023!


2023 makes 50 years of Howard the Duck, who’s one of the weirdest yet most beloved characters in all of comics. In celebration of this tremendous milestone, Marvel Comics will feature the quacktastic fowl in a year-long series of variant covers that shows the traditionally lone lounge duck, teaming up with your favorites throughout the Marvel Universe.

Starting in February, fans can see Howard the Duck’s unique contributions in wonderful art pieces involving snatching the Infinity Gauntlet, going on a ride with Ghost Rider, and fighting alongside Mary Jane and Black Cat just to name a few!

Not enough Howard? Fans can also pick up Marvel Masterworks: Howard the Duck Vol. 1 and Marvel Masterworks: Howard the Duck Vol. 2 to keep celebrating Howard’s many achievements over the years. Steve Gerber along with artists Val Mayerik, Frank Brunner, and Gene Colan showcase Howard’s first appearance and his breakdown his most iconic adventures in the masterworks treatment of a duck’s lifetime. In their satirical Howard masterpieces!

Check out the first four Howard the Duck variant covers!


On Sale 2/15




On Sale 3/1

Howard the Duck Ghost Rider variant



On Sale 4/19


Howard the Duck Masterworks vol 1
Howard the Duck Masterworks Vol.
Howard the Duck Masterworks vol 2
Howard the Duck Masterworks Vol. 2

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