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‘Heroes Reborn’: Who is Nathan and Malina’s Biological Father?

HEROES REBORN -- "Project Reborn" Episode 113 -- Pictured: (l-r) Robbie Kay as Tommy Clark, Danika Yarosh as Malina Bennet-- (Photo by: NBC)
Heroes Reborn
Season 1, Episode 13: “Project Reborn”
Air Date: January 21, 2016


At the end of the last episode of Heroes Reborn, we are left with a new mystery after Malina and Nathan (Tommy) save the world through the sacrifice of their grandfather, Noah Bennet. The twins are living their lives separately with Nathan back in Carbondale while Malina was in Odessa attending high school at Union Wells.

As Nathan and his girlfriend Emily are at the ice cream parlor, a trench coat wearing patron gets ups and leaves, having drunk a strawberry milkshake. When the master of time and space comes to clean the table, he sees that a tarot card had been left behind. The scene cuts to Malina going to her locker at school and she finds another tarot card there as well. Confused, the teenage girl goes outside and gets inside a Mercedes Benz that has come to pick her up. Seated in the car, her great-grandmother asks her how her first day was. Malina gives Angela the card and tells her that someone left it for her and that she felt like she was being watched.

HEROES REBORN -- "Project Reborn" Episode 113 -- Pictured: Danika Yarosh as Malina Bennet -- (Photo by: NBC)
HEROES REBORN — “Project Reborn” Episode 113 — Pictured: Danika Yarosh as Malina Bennet — (Photo by: NBC)

The older woman looks at her great-grandchild in dismay and says that her father is coming for her and Nathan and that no one will be able to protect them from him.

But who is this mysterious trench coat wearing father? Turns out he is a new character from the Heroes ebook Save the Cheerleader, Destroy the World.

His name is never revealed, but Claire calls him Hammer and they first met on June 5, 2012. Her life had changed after revealing her abilities to the world on December 7, 2010, but it had only become more dangerous. Eventually Claire had to go into hiding and she would meet the future father of the twins.

Peter and Claude had rescued Hammer and several others Evos from being lynched in Monaco and had taken them to a barge that was then docked in Tarragona, Spain. Even then he was already wearing his trench coat. Hammer had been badly injured and Mohinder feared that he would never walk again. Apparently Claire had been the first person he saw after regaining consciousness and they grew close during their time on the barge. The duo had their first kiss on July 4, 2012.

Angela Petrelli and Claire Bennet
Angela Petrelli and Claire Bennet

Still, things weren’t perfect between the couple and Hammer had become moody and felt that the others needed to be more proactive. He began to fight with Peter, Claude, Mohinder and Micah. Then one day he disappeared without a word to anyone.

Sometime after on September 27, 2013 he came back into Claire’s life while she was hiding in Italy at the Abbazia di San Giovanni in Spilimbergo. He missed his “Blondie” and had explained that things in the outside were getting intense and that he wanted a break from it all by seeing the only person that could make him smile. The two consummate their relationship but the next day Hammer vanishes again. Within that week, Claire begins to feel nauseous and realizes that she’s pregnant.

On June 13, 2014 when she arrives at the summit in Odessa, Claire scratches her hand and notices that she’s not healing. Soon after her water breaks and she is rushed to the hospital to give birth. The events after that was explored in Heroes Reborn.

HEROES REBORN -- "Project Reborn" Episode 113 -- Pictured: Robbie Kay as Tommy Clark -- (Photo by: NBC)
HEROES REBORN — “Project Reborn” Episode 113 — Pictured: Robbie Kay as Tommy Clark — (Photo by: NBC)

So we don’t know what Hammer’s real name is or what kind of powers he has. Nathan (Tommy) inherited the Petrelli ability of power absorption (great grandfather Arthur possessed it, great uncle Peter had ability replication/mimicry) and Malina’s elemental control could have come from her maternal grandmother, Meredith Gordon’s line (who was pyrokinetic) or possibly from her father. Still, we do know he likes strawberry milkshakes, trench coats, tarot cards, and that likely he has some nefarious plans in mind for the twins and humanity.

While Herores Reborn was not renewed for a second season, this little nugget does leave fans of the series wanting more. And also how did Angela Petrelli get younger again?


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  1. Nathan was the wrong brother – it was Peter that absorbed powers. Nice try though.

    • It’s never said in the article that Nathan was the one with the power to absorb powers.

    • In addition to being the name of Peter’s brother, Nathan is also Tommy’s real name. Nice try though.

    • It says, Nathan, (Claire’s son, named after his grandfather Nathan) inherited the Petrelli ability of power absorption, it never said which Petrelli had the power as more than one member had it…

    • The article is referring to Nathan (aka Tommy Clark – named after his grandfather Nathan Petrelli) inheriting the Petrelli power absorption ability that both his great grandfather Arthur and grand uncle Peter had.

    • You should read the article, before being a smart ___.

      • thank you very much…. someone had to stand up to him 🙂

        some people just dont understand fings….they are quick to answer questions they are totally wrong about

    • Nathan is the name of the son

  2. Seeing that Angela’s sister had power of the weather, I think it’s a safe guess that her powers also stem from the Petrelli line

  3. That happens when you mess with time.

  4. Tommy (Nathan) and Milena are related to Petrellis how? Unless Peter or Nathan are their father… They are Bennets and WEDONTKNOWYET… Clair wasnt related to Peter… so Whats going on?!

  5. They can’t just leave it at that… they opened a hole new story line

    • Erm…they did that with the original series too when Clare jumped from the Ferris wheel and heroes on just came back last year

  6. Yep unfortunately the last of original series (season 4) would leave us all hanging for years. Even worse, the series itself was forced to be abbreviated as the writer’s strike at the time caused a rush-to-completion ending, not fully realizing what the showrunners originally had in mind….also this delay in progress was what ultimately led to the show not being renewed+several of its stars began moving on to diff projects. Its really a shame that after all these years NBC finally gave it another go only to limit it to a single season….guess now have to hope it follows in the footsteps of Community by shifting to air online w Yahoo or maybe another similar option (Amazon, Netflix, etc)

  7. Angela’s sister Alice could control the weather so that’s another possibility of where she got her power from.

  8. Angela’s sister could control the weather. That is closer to Malina’s power than pyrotechnics.

  9. The father could be Samuel Sullivan. He wore a trench coat and liked strawberry milkshakes and probably was fond of starting card’s. Just guessing

    • Eewwwwwww…Samuel Sullivan is too old and creepy for Claire! His terrakinesis ability combined with Alice’s Shaw’s (Angela Petrelli’s sister) ability to control the weather WOULD make sense genetically to create Malina’s elemental control…

    • I think Tommy should just go back a few minutes in time and see who put the card on the table (i mean, to find out who the guy is).

  10. Once again cable TV flops and fails the populous. Too many people love these scifi shows. Why stop producing?!? This was the only reason I watched your channel.

  11. Very unfortunate that the series is ending yet again. I was just starting to get excited about it. Maybe someone will step up and take it over?

  12. I bet the father is West Rogen, the boy who could fly.

    • I want him back as a character so bad, he had so much potential, the could of gone with a story where his power was never flight it was telekinesis. But while flying he meets peter and reminds him of his brother. Ahh it would be such a good plot.

  13. Peter Petrelli had the coolest power ever in hereos

    Sylar never died in the original Heroes remember he got Claires regenerative powers so he could still be alive like he said to in the scene after he gained her powers.
    “Claire I couldnt kill you even if I wanted to you can never die and NOW I neither can I”
    Claire died giving birth because he son stole her power to heal but Sylar would still have his regenerative powers so he would still be alive.
    And he was always hungry for more power and those twins would be the perfect targets for his lust for more power.
    Remember when Sylar met Peter Petrelli the first time I said he wanted Peters power of powermimicry maybe because it would be a whole lot easier to just copy other peoples powers by walking past them instead of have to kill them every time.
    I know Arthur Petrelli showed Sylar how he could steal other peoples powers without killing them it still didnt stop Sylar from killing people by cutting their heads open.

    • But remember, Sylar changed his life around. Became a good guy and helped everyone save New York from ol what’s his name… The carnival guy that could control the earth around him whose powers increased when other specials were around him

  14. I don’t think that is the Angela Petrelli that was taken back in time that would explain how she’s young again

  15. they really cancelled season 2 of reborn ???????

  16. what happend to Pitter ?

  17. Love this show ..

  18. Didn’t Syler call her Blondie? And didn’t he turn into a good guy right at the very end of the original series?

  19. Am I the only one that thought Sylar was the twins father? Angela at the end of the last episode says that their father was a bad man, it made it seem like she was hinting that it was in fact Sylar

  20. I think it was super cause on the last episode of reborn she made it sound like he was going to kill them but super might just want to take there powers and on the card the Pearson at the top had a dark looking hoodie and do y’all remember when super use to were the hoodie and u did not see his face

  21. As much as I hate to admit it, the father couldn’t possibly be Sylar. I know I hear the fangirls crying already, but the timing doesn’t work. The show started airing in 2006 so I’m going to assume that’s the time where the show takes place. This disproves the theory that it could be Sylar because Claire met him in season one (You know when he tried to cut open her head.) This also rules out everyone we met in Heroes because the final season aired in 2009. However, this could be wrong, although I highly doubt it. Tim Kring is the only one who truly knows everything about Heroes.

  22. i love that pitter comment thoug😂😂

  23. There has to be another season please.

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