Hellcat No Fury in Iron Man/Hellcat Annual #1

A new variant cover by Artgerm, is featured in June’s IRON MAN/HELLCAT ANNUAL #1

This June’s Iron Man/Hellcat Annual#1 will be a major turning point for the superhero heroine and her iron-clad paramour. Continuing his work from the pages of Iron Man, writer Christopher Cantwell and artist Ruairí Coleman delivers a story that talks about the character’s history, in a foresighted issue that looks into where her relationship with Iron Man with be going.

Picking up from that jaw-dropping marriage proposal in Iron Man #20, the couple decides to travel to the tech capital of the world: San Francisco, where Patsy meets up with some familiar faces, catches up with old friends, and most importantly, confronts the darkest parts of her past she’d thought was long left behind.

To celebrate this groundbreaking issue, Marvel will debut a collection of variant covers by some of the industry’s most acclaimed artists. Including an original piece by Artgerm.

“Hellcat has one of the most unique—and at times inscrutable—origin stories in Marvel Comics, but also one of my favorites,” Cantwell said during Marvel’s press release. “I love that Patsy got her start in teen romance comics in the 40s and yet was still somehow able to ride the wave into the rise of superheroes, becoming Hellcat. With an epic and circuitous backstory that now spans more than 75 years, I’ve had a blast exploring the rich tapestry that is Patsy—first in IRON MAN, and now with even more depth in this annual.”

IRON MAN/HELLCAT ANNUAL #1 hits the stands on June 1!

Christian Angeles
Christian Angeles
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