Halloween is afoot with ‘Spider-Verse Unlimited’ and ‘Strange Tales: Ghost Rider’

Marvel has got two Halloween tales this spooky season with SPIDER-VERSE UNLIMITED INFINITY COMIC #21 (Available now) and STRANGE TALES: GHOST RIDER #1 (October 26th)


Just in time for the season of horrors and hijinks, Marvel Unlimited is getting readers prepared for Halloween with some interesting shorts of Halloween-themed infinity stories. These cute little Halloween tales will be featured both this week and next week kicking off with everyone’s favorite neighborhood-friendly superhero.

It kicks off with Spider-Verse Unlimited Infinity Comic #21. In this issue, a sneaky Green Goblin wants to stop some trick-or-treaters, including Gwen Stacey, from enjoying their Halloween by stealing their candy. But never-fear… Spidey is here! And though he’d like to sit by and enjoy his paper while drinking coffee on a calm autumn evening, our webbed headed hero jumps into the action to save the day…

Or so he thinks. As an equally menacing old foe from Spidey’s past, and an equally grumpy old boss-man, weren’t also in the fray of ruining Halloween. Though thankfully, Spidey has some friends in… dare I say, ghostly places?

It’s a short and sweet comic run that feels awfully like The Great Pumpkin, less so in Green Goblin’s use of pumpkin bombs, but more so in that the art style is very reminiscent of Peanuts. Particularly in one enjoyable scene.

Afterwards, on Wednesday October 26th, Johnny Blaze has to face some of his worst fears in a brand new one-shot of Strange Tales: Ghost Rider #1. The premise of the story is that on a lonely highway, Johnny Blaze faces some of his worst fears – the other Ghost Riders, Danny Ketch and Robbie Reyes!

Who will come out on top in a knock-down, drag-out battle between Riders? You’ll have to check it out next week!



Writer, Artist, Colorist: Gustavo Duarte

Editor: Sarah Brunstad

STRANGE TALES: GHOST RIDER #1 – All-new one-shot launches Wednesday, October 26

Writer: Rich Douek

Artist: Ramón F. Bachs

Colorist: Java Tartaglia

Editor: Mark Basso

Christian Angeles
Christian Angeles
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