Ghost Rider and Wolverine Team-Up in Weapons of Vengeance

Benjamin Percy's Wolverine and Ghost Rider get a cross-over this August.

Writer Benjamin Percy is expected to write a Wolverine and Ghostwriter crossover this summer, kicking off in Weapons of Vengeance Alpha. This team-up, along with the Guardians of The Galaxy’s former artist, Geoff Shaw sees Wolverine and Johnny Blaze catch up after having met for the first time years ago, back when Wolverine just started as an X-Man and Johnny was still learning the ins and outs of his transformation.

Set in the present day where both men are now on the run for different reasons, these two anti-heroes collide when their journey sees them come to a head against an old foe: a branch of the Weapon Plus organization. Atop of that, after Ghostrider Wolverine: Weapons of Vengeance Alpha, there’ll be even more cross-overs between the two. First, in Ghost Rider #17 and then in Wolverine #36 all before concluding with Ghost Rider/Wolverine Weapons of Vengeance Omega.

“Wolverine is metal. Ghost Rider is metal. Together their adamantium and chrome weigh in as HEAVY METAL!” Percy explained in a Marvel Press release. “You know how Metallica and Iron Maiden have toured together, shredded out songs, wailed on music videos? This is a little like that. I write the sheet music that Geoff Shaw brings to pyrotechnic, guitar-smashing life. You’re in for a head-banging good time, I promise. This story – WEAPONS OF VENGEANCE — not only unites Logan and Johnny in the present, but also tells the story of their first (never before seen!) first meeting. Here are the quick and dirty liner notes: When Wolverine investigates the possibility of a new Weapons Plus program—one that experiments and specializes in the arsenal of Hell—he finds himself conscripted as a weapon of vengeance. And the only one capable of stopping him is Johnny @#$%& Blaze. Rev your engines, pop your claws.”





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Christian Angeles
Christian Angeles
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