Ghost Rider #1 Releases Today

You can grab your copy of Benjamin Percy and Cory Smith’s Ghost Rider #1 right now. We’ve got the details about this new release and a dark motion trailer along with never-before-seen original art pieces.

In honor of Ghost Rider’s 50 years of existence, Johnny Blaze, the original Ghost Rider, returns to Marvel comics tomorrow. All for a new series written by Benjamin Percy (WOLVERINE and X-FORCE) and featuring art by Cory Smith (CONAN THE BARBARIAN).

Seeing the return of the spirit of Vengeance, together, this all-star team will bring Ghost Rider to a gruesomely brutal yet beautiful new age of comics glory. Check out the new trailer below.

To catch up as to what’s happening right now at the beginning of this new series, Ghost Rider #1 will pick up with the story of Johnny Blaze. Who is now a man living a very serene and peaceful life: with a wife, two kids, and a stable job at an auto repair shop. He is living a simple life in a rather small yet supportive quiet town community.

Yet despite all this, something is amiss for Johnny. As this happily-ever-after sort of reality that is his life is beginning to feel like some sort of prison. Because deep down, something is keeping him troubled and there’s a spirit inside of him that’s begging to be set free. 

In an interview with SYFY WIRE writer Benjamin Percy had this to comment about the upcoming series: “This is a back-to-basics approach that focuses (for now) on Johnny Blaze. Where has he been the past few years? You’ll know soon. I can’t tell you too much, or I’ll undercut the suspense and horror. And rest assured: this is a horror comic. Some really unsettling things happen in this first (oversized) issue alone!”

You can pick up the first issue in stores today wherever comics are available right now!


Christian Angeles
Christian Angeles
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