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‘Galavant’ Proves That TV Needs More Song and Dance

I’m sure that you’ve been told,
’bout this TV show,
about a hero known as Galavant!

But in case you’re innocent,
and have not seen one bit,
I’m here to tell you to watch Galavant!

Fluff! Songs so full of cheese like showtunes,
Sing along and you’ll find love too!
Yay! A gem in ev’ry way! So campy and cliche!
And still I can’t help but love Galavant!

Confused about this post?
Then let me play good host,
And share this clip of Galavant:

Once you’ve had a watch,
Two or three or quite a lot,
You’ll hear the melody of Galavant!

Which brings me to this post! And my most plucky hope!
That you’ll join me and watch Galavant! 
We’ll be the best of friends, sharing laughs and grins,
and ogling the shit out of Galavant! 

Hooray! Then you can’t deny,
Omundson’s charming guise,
And ABC’s hit with Galavant!

A cast and crew full of heart and humor,
Songs more persistent than a tumor,
It’s only eight ‘sodes long, short enough to avoid Glee Syndrome,
So there’s no excuse to miss Galavant!


Note: Jen could not be reached for an actual opinion on the first two episodes of Galavant, as she’s too busy hiding for fear that the show might go south the way of Smash. Until the coast is clear, she’ll be singing the theme song over and over under her bed. 

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