Former ‘Burnout’ Developers Announce ‘Dangerous Golf’

Three Fields Entertainment, the former developers of the famous Burnout franchise, have announced their new game: Dangerous Golf. They claim that Dangerous Golf will be “a serious golf game as Burnout was a serious simulation of driving games”. In other words, this is not your grandpa’s golf game.


According to Three Fields Entertainment’s website, “players aren’t striving for Par or aiming for Birdie – they’re playing for dollar damage as their high score.” You will also be awarded for trick shots, ricochet techniques, and other outlandish things, such as turning your golf ball into a bomb. This game absolutely sounds like it will be the next great party game.

Of course, physics will play a big role in this tile. Three Fields Entertainment goes on to say that, “Dangerous Golf may be a fun, silly golf game, but it’s one that was created with a serious technical edge. Our team worked closely with both Epic’s Unreal Engine 4 team and Nvidia to not only push the boundaries of their PhysX, Apex Destruction and Flex technologies, but also to deliver a truly physics based game experience.”


Dangerous Golf will be available on the Xbox store, PlayStation store, and Steam in May of 2016.

Are you excited to play a game with exploding golf balls? Do you love to causing as much damage and mayhem as possible? Let us know in the comments down below!

James Mikolajewski
James is a freelance writer, who also hosts the Life Of Gaming Podcast on iTunes.

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