The Curse Review: These New Kids Are Not Welcomed on the Block in “Questa Lane”

The third episode of The Curse finds some hopes dashed and some found. It's a good time for a night watch.

“Monarch” finally gets the human element right in the Godzilla franchise

I love Godzilla. I love kaiju in general. Yes, I am That Guy, the one who will stop you when you say Godzilla breathes...

Chicken Suits, Amish and Patrick Fabian Make Run With The Devil a Great Episode of Magnum P.I.

I had thought last week's Magnum P.I. would be great because of my favorite former convict, Jin. Turns out, all the show needed to...

The Killer Review: Fassbender Leaves A Trail of Dead in Fincher’s Dreamy Adaptation

The Killer is a gorgeous, globe-trotting slow burn of bloodshed.

Loki finds his “Glorious Purpose” in the season finale

We start the episode off where the last one ended – with Loki in control of his time slipping. His initial efforts to fix...

Upload Episode 3×8 Review: Is “Flesh and Blood” Meaty Enough for a Finale?

It's all come to this: Court room drama for the tertiary season closer to Upload. Will my disbelief be sustained?

Upload Episode 3×6 Review: “Memory Crackers” Doesn’t Crumble Under the Pressure

Episode 3x6 titled "Memory Crackers" digs into a morally sludgy mind and mixes around some feelings of romance.

Appetite for Danger Provides a Hearty Meal of Adventure For Magnum P.I.

Well folks, it's Wednesday, and you know what that means - another episode of Magnum P.I.! This week's episode is titled 'Appetite for Danger'...

Ben Chases UFOs and Processes Loss in ‘Quantum Leap’ Episode 203

Poor Ben. He's now on his third leap after he was supposed to go home, and it ain't easy trying to process everything that...

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