Evermind launches on Kickstarter partnering artist Sean Chen with Daniel Wu

The acclaimed artist and American Born Chinese actor launch this new project on September 19th

Asian Americans are on the rise in the pop cultural zeitgeist which is a very good thing. Whether it be TV shows like American Born Chinese or comics soon to be launched just like Evermind, there’s just a lot of promise to be had across the entertainment spaces. Which is why I’m proud to share the news that veteran and pioneer of Valiant Comics, Sean Chen, is launching this new series while working with 247 Comics. What’s even cooler is that Daniel Wu is, the beloved actor and voice of Grom Hellscream in things such as the Warcraft movie.

 “I’ve always had a passion for Sci-Fi, from my roles in Into the Badlands to Westworld and films like Europa Report,” says Daniel Wu regarding his history adapting fiction. “Launching my first comic and being part of this exciting new IP with Sean Chen and 247 Comics is a dream come true. I see limitless potential in this franchise, and I’m thrilled to make a mark in global media creating original content with a world-class team.”

“At its heart, Evermind is about two people—a scientist father and his teenage daughter—who are driven apart by contrasting ideology and then forced together by incredible circumstances.” legendary artist Sean Chen adds. “I was really inspired by the story of Steve Jobs and his troubled relationship with his daughter, which was complicated and nuanced, and goes so much deeper than, ‘You were never there!’ This relationship is the story engine that plays out against a series of events where you wonder if the gulf between them will ever be closed and what will be the fate of the father’s soul.”

In Evermind, we follow the story of brilliant neurolink developer Lucas Zhang, a scientist who’s spent their life developing body-defying cybernetics and cyberpunk-like technology. But when fate strikes due to the consequences of his own actions, in a desperate attempt to save his own humanity, and that of his only child, Zhang unlocks something quite dangerous that will shake the foundations of the world. Now Zhang is selling out. His technology drives society on a path of both destruction and desire.

“The landscape of content distribution is evolving rapidly with the emergence of technology that offers new avenues for an immersive comic book consumption experience,” says Carl Choi, Publisher and Co-Founder of 247 Comics. “I’m incredibly excited about the opportunities to partner with forward-thinking creators who envision beyond traditional systems, allowing us to finally bring a long overdue transformation to a technology-neglected ecosystem.”

You can follow Evermind on their social media channels and follow the kickstarter at launch to get notified of its debut.

Christian Angeles
Christian Angeles
Christian Angeles is a screenwriter who likes sharing stories and getting to meet people. He also listens to words on the page via audible and tries to write in ways that make people feel things. All on a laptop. Sometimes from an app on his phone.

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