Details Revealed On Xbox One DVR Feature

At Gamescom, Microsoft announced that a DVR feature would be added to the Xbox One in the near future. This sounded like an awesome opportunity for Xbox fans and could even be an incentive to those sitting on the fence for which system to purchase, especially for the cable-cutting generation.

At the conference, Microsoft gave details for the Xbox One DVR feature. The console will allow users to record over-the-air shows directly to their Xbox One, with the only limitation being the amount of hard drive space available. The other great feature is that it will allow users to stream their recorded shows to any Windows 10 device. It has to be too good to be true, right?

Since the initial announcement, more details have surfaced. The DVR feature will not work with your cable or satellite, due to coding issues. If you wish to record over-the-air programming you will need to purchase the antenna adapter from Microsoft that will plug into a USB port on your system (currently selling for $50).

The other stepping stone to this process is that you will need to purchase an additional external hard drive dedicated to your DVR programs. Accord to project lead Richard Irving, “you need an external hard drive specifically for DVR because we want to keep the storage paths optimized between playing games and watching TV. We don’t want them to interact with each other”. Depending on the size and speed you desire, external hard drives can run anywhere between $60 to $150.

While the DVR feature sounds like an awesome new addition to the Xbox One’s bag of tricks, it will take an initial investment to achieve. Even at the bare minimum, you should expect to pay roughly $100 to get this new feature off the ground. This cost may be less if you already have an additional external hard drive just laying around.

Are you excited for this new DVR functionality? Or do you feel the cost to entry is too high? Let us know in the comments down below!

James Mikolajewski
James Mikolajewski
James is a freelance writer, who also hosts the Life Of Gaming Podcast on iTunes.

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