Derrick Chew’s Doctor Strange #4 cover features the spellbinding magic of Clea!

Check out Derrick Chew’s latest variant cover, dropping June 14!

Jed MacKay and Pasqual Ferry’s new take on Doctor Strange reunites Stephen with Clea! These two lovers make a powerful pair, but lately their superior supernatural skill is going to waste as something stronger is taking out Strange’s most dangerous magical enemies before they can. It’s a magical mystery that will conjure shocking answers for not only Strange and Clea, but the audience as well! Derrick Chew’s new cover for Doctor Strange #4 captures Clea using all of her mystical might, summoning her most epic spells, all in hopes of defeating what’s to come!

With art by special guest Andy MacDonald, Doctor Strange #4 highlights Wong and his mission to re-make W.A.N.D., a secret mystical S.H.I.E.L.D. organization that would be ideal for tackling this particular magical threat! Check out Chew’s new variant cover now and pick up the issue on June 14!


Written by JED MACKAY
Cover by ALEX ROSS – 75960620534900411
Variant Cover by DERRICK CHEW – 75960620534900421
Virgin Variant Cover by DERRICK CHEW – 75960620534900416

On Sale 6/14


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