DC’s Free Comic Book Day promises great things to come!

Free Comic Book Day will show off DC’s upcoming publishing events, new graphic novels, and much more!

Free Comic Book Day is Saturday, May 6th, and DC is coming correct with a gaggle of free issues that preview huge events and graphic novels that speak to Middle Grade and Young Adult audiences—in your local comic book shops (while supplies last) and on DC Universe Infinite.

Dawn of DC: Knight Terrors 2023 Free Comic Book Day Special Edition shows fans what goes bump in the night for our favorite Superheroes and Supervillians.


Horror is the name of the game come July and August when Knight Terrors hits the Dawn of DC, bringing with it a series of 2-issue tales. Each set will focus on a DC Superhero or Supervillian coming face to face with their worst fears in the appropriately named “Nightmare Realm”. Want an idea of the impending terror? Get your hands on the Dawn of DC Knight Terrors 2023 FCBC SE this Free Comic Book Day on May 6th.

Damian Wayne is having some bad dreams. It’s been another late night filled with taking down Gotham’s scum alongside his father, Batman, but Damian’s sleep is swamped with horrors. This teen has definitely seen his fair share of awful things but these night terrors are very different. See just a hint of what Joshua Williamson (Superman), Howard Porter (The Flash), and renowned comic book artist Chris Bachalo (Doctor Strange, Deadpool) do in this thrilling preview.

DC Books for Young Readers: Clark & Lex; Fann Club: Batman Squad; Girl Taking Over: A Lois Lane Story



Middle Grade readers get a double delight with previews of Clark & Lex care of popular author Brendan Reichs with art by Jerry Gaylord, and Fann Club: Batman Squad written and drawn by Jim Benton. Go find this combo at any participating comic book store, bookseller, or anywhere else comics books are sold, while you wait for the full versions to drop this summer starting with Fann Club: Batman Squad hitting shelves June 6th, then Clark & Lex come July 4th.




Too old for Middle Grade level tales? Check out Girl Taking Over: A Lois Lane Story, by Sarah Kuhn (bestselling writer of Shadow of the Batgirl and Heroine Complex), a summer break adventure for the plucky small-town reporter in all of us. With magnificent images from Arielle Jovellanos, this young adult story finds the future Pulitzer Prize winner spending the dog days of summer in the big city with her usual grit, determination, and girl-power attitude no matter what craziness comes her way.


But wait…there’s more! DC’s giving the late night infomercial a run for its money as they treat fans to more free samples outside of the singular Free Comic Book Day, which will be available at participating comic book shops, and online at DC Universe Infinite.

Dawn of DC We Are Legends Special Edition Introduces New Asian Super Heroes Ahead of May Series Releases


On Tuesday, May 2nd, the Dawn of DC We Are Legends SE drops, bringing with it a new series lead by Asian and South Asian heroes with Asian writers and artists at the helm. These heroes made their dynamic debut in a series of Lazarus Planet one-shots which this special edition combed through to highlight the first appearances of Xanthe (Spirit World) in Lazarus Planet: Dark Fate #1, the Virgil featured in Lazarus Planet: Next Evolution #1, and City Boy taking charge in Lazarus Planet: Legends Reborn #1. Celebrate AAPI Heritage Month by embracing these diverse heroes throughout the month of May when these three new series drop.


Dawn of DC Primer 2023 Special Edition Reveals the Secrets Behind DC’s Biggest Event of 2023


The Dawn of DC Primer 2023 SE gives a taste of things to come on Tuesday, May 16th, laying out the dangers, lies, and overall threads of DC’s biggest event in 2023 care of story architect Joshua Williamson accompanied by art from Leandro Fernandez. If the story isn’t enough for you, there will also be pivotal Secret Files pages and never-before seen behind-the-scenes content!

As the perpetually ignored canary in the DC Universe’s hero filled coal-mine, Amanda Waller has never stopped warning the world that their “saviors” could end everything as we know it. To her credit, Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths did not help, and it drove the ever-suspicious agent underground to amass a deadly arsenal and force her into dangerous alliances. The time has come for Amanda to make a Faustian bargain with some of the worst of the worst in the DC Universe.

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