Dark Asset is an Action Thriller in Saban Films’ Latest with Peacemaker’s Robert Patrick

Dark Asset is in theatres and digital on September 22nd

The latest in Saban Film’s repertoire, Dark Asset has released a new trailer featuring actor Robert Patrick, of Peacemaker and Terminator 2 acclaim. The movie is set to release in both theatre and video on demand on September 22nd.

In this adrenaline-fueled action film, an ordinary soldier becomes the subject of a top-secret experimental program. Under the guise of enhancing his combat abilities, the program transforms him into a lethal living weapon. As the John Doe delves deeper into the project, he uncovers the horrifying truth behind the program’s objectives and the dark intentions of his creator. Fueled by a thirst for justice and driven by a desire for vengeance, the soldier breaks free from his captors and embarks on a relentless mission to dismantle the program while navigating a dangerous web of betrayal, conspiracy, and high-stakes action

Saban Films was founded by Haim Saban. The same owner who was responsible for all those Saban-related intellectual properties in the 90s such as Power Rangers.

 Rating: R for Violence


Christian Angeles
Christian Angeles
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